114 thoughts on “Laser Time 1 – Star Wars spinoffs

  1. Love it! Great length, great quality, and fantastic topics, you guys so this podcast stuff right! When this is on iTunes it’s getting a 5 out of 5.

  2. Done listening! Great show, guys. Awesome to hear Bret back with the crew. Now that you guys can say you are drinking beer, I think you should talk about drinking more. Like what are you drinking, how does it taste, are you pissed you could only afford cans, etc.

  3. This podcast so wonderfully filled the gap that was beginning to form in my life after the “other” podcast lost a few key members. This is like a “best of” podcast that is available every week. So, so relieving.


  5. Keep it up guys. Long time listener of TDar. Your casts have gotten me through many a work filled cubicle day. LONG LIVE LASER TIME!!!

  6. I just listened to the whole show today and I’m in love. Great show guys, I just donated and hopefully you will continue making more episodes. I love the theme song, I love the top 5 idea, I love that you can drink on the podcast, and I love that you can talk about whatever you want to talk about. I can’t wait to hear what next week’s episode is about. Thank you so much Chris for putting this together. The only two things I’ll say is that I wish that it was longer (at least 2 hrs.) and I think you should have more actual Laser Time with Tyler. I’m going to “get right out of town!”

  7. My Mondays are now awesomely infused with some old school T-Dar energy with a brand new twist! This is super awesome.

  8. Any chance of having the episode number either in the ID3 title “ie Laser Time EP XXX” or as a track number? that way the collected archive one day will be pre-sorted when hitting play all.

  9. Oh lawd, you guys are off to an amazing start!

    Being a huge fan of Starwars, this is the perfect topic for a maiden caste!

  10. OMG i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worried when i didn’t see talkradar on the site, but then i got really excited because that means that laser time HAD RISSISSEN!

  11. It’s great to hear a show where you guys can talk about whatever and not have anyone saying, “Aren’t we supposed to be talking about video games?” Hopefully you’ll still feel free to talk about games as you meander through whatever comes into your heads.

    I remember the Ewok movies from when I was a kid. The first one was total crap, but it seems like the second one wasn’t so bad. I haven’t see them in an eternity, I may have to check them out again. I remember the cartoons, too, I think Droids wasn’t actually too bad, it had decent adventures of the robots, if I remember correctly all those years ago. Ewoks seems like it was a bigger pile of crap.


    This sounds really great but I hope you guys don’t get Podcast fatigue

  13. I saved this as Lasertime_Ep001 so I’m expecting at least another 99 out of you dickshits. And I mean that in the kindest way possible.

  14. Kinda bummed out I missed this on the official pass thru. Gotta say, Brett’s “passing” got me hella depressed – Tdar has been an integral part of my life for 3+ years now, and having the ‘cast’s second-most important personality leave was a huge blow. As you may guess, this is the best fucking news ever. Until they cure cancer, and AIDS, and the common cold.

  15. I know that I’m late to the Lasertime party but I had to comment when I heard you all discussing the Ewok movies, ie Caravan of Courage and it’s sequel. I loved those movies as a kid, simply adored them. However, I have not seen them recently soooo, yes they are probably very, very crappy and I just didn’t realize it at the time because I was a simple child, delighted by the googly ewok eyes. I’ve only seen one and a half episodes but I am hooked on Lasertime already, so keep up the great work and I will keep on listening and donate soon when I am not broke from Xmas shopping. Thanks for putting this together Chris and thanks for not abandoning TDar, it would not be the same without you on it in some capacity!

  16. I don’t know if it’s just me but this episode and the second one aren’t on iTunes anymore

  17. Man I LOVED droids as a kid! it was on Sunday afternoons on Global (channel.3) it was one of those early cartoons that took the store a little more serious with the droid owners getting in “real” danger…. and the theme was KICK-ASS!

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