66 thoughts on “Laser Time 2 – Ultra-descriptive TV theme songs

    1. also… wrong antista is wrong.
      in the house, wasn’t a spin off of fresh prince of bel-air.

      so many shows with super long intros… D:
      i didn’t mind a lot of them as a kid but now… GAWD NO!

      brett… your description of what the rosanne theme song reminded you of is AWFUL D:
      it instantly gave me nightmares.

      chris… you do a pretty good obama dude. C:

  1. Chris, thanks for pointing everyone toward that brilliant Chaplin/Zimmer mashup at the end. I’ve watched the clip on Youtube three times in the last half-hour, and it really is the best thing the Internet has given me in a long time. Unspeakably powerful and moving.

    I’m going to have to get an operation to relax the goosebumps, I think. Thank you, again.

  2. Donations coming as soon as pay pal goes through, thanks for all the hard work at the fan’s expense!

  3. Star Wars & Classic TV themes… 2 Episodes in and this show is already awesome. Now to get that Tremors episode made….

  4. I loved the end speech. On Tdar every so often I’d hear something profound. Alongside the funny moments it makes for a great show. I’ll donate as soon as I can afford it.

  5. Fantastic show. Henry wasn’t a drag to it in the slightest. I think it’s the topic-driven conversation that really made it fantastic. It’s a great system. I can’t wait to sink my first paycheck into your pockets.

  6. Fanfuckingtastic guys. Loved the TGIF trip down memory lane and numerously aforementioned Chaplin ending. All around solid show.

  7. Great stuff as always even if some of it was over my head living in the uk, only the best stuff made it across the pond 😉 But that Charlie Chaplin speech was amazing! I’d never heard it before so thank you!

  8. thank fucking god someone understands. i was born in the 90s’s and i have to go out my way to find shows released before 92. i fucking love old shows and it pisses me off i cant see them anywhere.

  9. Love that Henry is on board. I also love Chris’s Obama performance, that shit was moving. Also the Chaplin ending was inspiring, makes me want to march on Westminster and burn that mother down.

    Would love to support the show, but having been made redundant (fuckers) I’m scraping by right now. Great show guys, alright, u gotta get right outa town heheheee

  10. Oh my god I remember most of those TGIF shows. Thanks for the nostalgia trip guys! 😀 Brett doing the theme song as Morgan Freeman made me lose it lol.

  11. I don’t know if it’s just me but this episode and the first one aren’t on iTunes anymore

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