50 thoughts on “Laser Time 4 – Lady Superhero Variants

  1. has there ever been an instance of a girl hero getting a male version like somehow an amazonian wonder-man?

    love the podcast guys, i can’t believe you have time to record two great shows a week but keep em coming over the radio!

  2. Pat yourselves on the back for creating one of the most entertaining podcasts I’ve heard in a while. Actually since that other show you guys do.

    You’ve invented podcast gold twice now. 🙂

  3. I feel left out of the last two eps seeing as they centered around the 80s and shows I havent seen, so this topic excites me.

  4. Up and AT THEM, Up and At-THEM! lols, i love that! such a classic simpsons Ep, such a classic laser time.

    Mondays just got awesome!

    Download took me about 40 mins and i get 25mbps, call your host and bitch!

  5. I can haz Lasertime! Great show, guys, loving the themed episodes. For those wondering, Henry talks about 85% of this episode. And Tyler talks for like 1%. Also, apparently Chris broke his internet by downloading too much porn.

  6. Laser Time,
    C’mon, grab your friends,
    We’ll go to very distant Lands
    With Chris Antista,
    And Mikel Reparaz ,
    The Adventures’ll never end,
    It’s Laser Time!

  7. Loved this episode, though I was really hoping you would all bring up The Abominatrix, the female version of Hulk nemesis The Abomination. She is the absolute worst villain ever, check out the origin story.

    “Florence Sharples worked for Jasper Keaton, manager of a saving and loan company.

    Keaton sponsored genetic research, seeking a cure for pre-menstrual syndrome. Sharples was transformed into the Abominatrix as an accidental effect of the “cure”. Like the Abomination, Abominatrix is as strong as the Hulk.”

    Seriously look her up, she looks just like the Abomination in a dress with a blond wig.

    Also Ultimate Spider-women is pretty weird, just being a gender-swapped clone of Spiderman with all of his memories. She ends up dating the Human Torch if im not mistaken.

  8. Wait, wait, wait! If the woman to the right of She-Hulk and Catwoman is Spider-Girl, then who is that short-haired girl with the four spider-legs coming out of her back who had her own book a few years back?

    Comics are confusing.

  9. Great episode guys! Im loving the mixed content and how free you guys are to dedicate time to these topics as opposed to the inevitable centering back on video games that has to be done on T-Dar. I’m all-in on Laser Time both donation and store purchases and another round of drinks in Seattle for a Laser Time listener meet up. Laser Time all abooooooaaaaaarrrddd! Lets go!

  10. Ahhh this cast is so rad!!! I feel like a culture cast is what you guys were doing on that OOOTTTTTTHHHHHHER podcast! Love it and I’ll donate when I’m not broke!

  11. I read a lot of comics as a kid but that sadly ended when I got more into video games. Even worse though was my comics of choice were Archie comics. Did you know that Archie and the gang had super powers?!

  12. I’m kind of sad that they talked a lot about Namorita, but didn’t mention her big role in the side-series Exiles, where she was charactized really well… Until they killed her…

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