55 thoughts on “Laser Time 5 – Dynamism!

  1. With all that is happening with you guys I’m glad to see that you aren’t going to leave your fans without a great podcast. Bonerfied

  2. I might chip something in to increase this abysmal download speed but yeah unemployed atm. Looking forward as soon as this finishes!

  3. LaserTime! Never thought i would be looking forward to Mondays!!
    Grats to Chris for PC Gamer Digital Position! Huge PC fan, welcome to the team!

  4. I feel like this could be the Stuart Smalley show (from the movie) where he the network orders 10 shows, they struggle to find themes, and then he just stares blankly for the entire 10th episode.

  5. Making my mondays better one boner joke at a time!
    but seriously you guys are awesome, keep up this awesometacular podcast.


    I still remember all the songs off by heart, and sewer surfin’ is the soundtrack to my life!

  7. A laser exists in 3D space, and time is the fourth dimension. Ergo, Lasertime is the first and only podcast that delivers fourth-dimensional entertainment on a weekly basis.

    Lasertime – it’s the future of podcasting.

    Sucks balls that damn near everyone left Talkradar. Bringing Shane back basically put a wrap on my memories of Talkradar; I guess Lasertime is my go-to now.

  8. Can the laser time crew please do something about the podcast server, i dont want to wait 12 hours every time there is a new episode.

  9. I would tell you guys how much I love the podcast, but the download times are so dial-up tier (13 hours) that I’m not going to even bother to download it.

  10. As a New Yorker all I could think about when you guys were telling your stories was “yeah, so what?” πŸ™‚ love the show!

  11. hahaha
    i love how taken aback you guys were about white on white racism.
    every other race self hates why wouldn’t white people?!
    where do you think all the horrible stereotypes of like irish, italian, scottish, brittish, and even things like redneck stereotypes and “dumb blondes” come from? self hating white people! XD

    what is everyone talking about?
    my download took 5 minutes and that’s because i’m scanning art work and on terrible wifi all at the same time. ha.

  12. This is the best Lasertime yet and the top 5 podcasts of all time. It is exactly what i wanted, talking about your guys lives, dreams, and stupid stories just to make us laugh. Great episode

  13. I’ve got a laser-boner!!! pew-pew IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR. you guys should make Shoop-da-whoop your mascot.

  14. Great episode, like an classic tdar 3rd segement. Also awesome you guys can finally say your full names and where you work!

    On the downlaod times. On iTunes for me it says like 6, 9, 5,11 hours. But in reality it only takes like 20-30 mins. Still kinda slow but not awful

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