46 thoughts on “Laser Time – Treehouse of Horror

  1. C’mon download speed! You can do it! Rise from your grave.


    Will have to donate moneys.

  2. Mind bogglin’, yeah!

    Some of my fave TDar episodes were the Halloween ones; 75 introduced me to I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Awesome short story; still have to get my hands on the game.

  3. I love the classic tree house of horror episodes! Cant wait to listen.
    Whats up with the download though? 3.1 KB per second. Ouch!
    I better donate so you can get a better host.

  4. LASER TIME, FUCK YEAH! Oh and I got to meet Chris, Tyler, and Henry at the Anamanaguchi show last night.

  5. First I find out about the existence of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, and now I get new Laser Time?! Could this day get any better!?

  6. I skipped my last class to download this, spent around an hour then didnt stop mostly cause I was at 90% 10 minutes before it started then when it finished it was 25 minutes past

    My fav simpsons treehouse moment was when homer shoots zombie flanders unaware hes a zombie and the nuclear fallout ep.

  7. This would be the best part of my halloween if I WASNT GOING TO GO SEE GHOSTBUSTERS IN THEATRES! Love the show to death, keep up the good work guys.

  8. Mike Grimm is a hilarious motherfucker. Both tdar and ltime have had me in hysterics because of him. the way he plays off of everyone is pure gold.

  9. My mum made me a Michelangelo costume as well. She used a stuffed green bin bag for the shell. I thought it was the best thing ever.

  10. Fantastic show guys, now if we could get even more people from gamesradar and/or other places….
    Possibly a Dan cameo?

  11. Hey guys, wanted to say I really enjoy your talks, not so much for any usable information but for the spirit of it. Just please try to speed up the downloads – here in Europe its painfuly slow + the download sometimes stops completely, something I guess I haven`t experienced in years. But it still is worth the pain… absolutely.

  12. I was Leonardo as a child one halloween and a the white ranger as another one. My earliest halloween childhood memory is being Batman and my sister stepped on my cape, I fell down some stairs and my costume was ruined. From that point forward that night I was Bruce Wayne.

    Gotta love classic simpsons quotes which reminds me of… Eye on Springfield

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