Top Amazon releases: Dino-Pooh Edition

This is late as shit…

HAHA! Okay, this is actually last week’s  new releases, but thanks to some personal and professional kerfuffle, I didn’t get a chance to post it. However, I wanted to do so anyway, because the releases are fucking stellar. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent over $100 on DVDs alone, and this was damn sure one of those release weeks. Perhaps we’ll post another release list later this week?

Winnie the Pooh

I didn’t catch this in theaters, and neither did the rest of the world judging by the box office take. But that’s what happens when you release a traditionally animated homage up against the final Harry Potter movie, you fucking dolts! I shall own the shit out of this.


Attack the Block

Quite simply amazing! A hyper-violent People vs Aliens film starring a crop of young actors playing unlikable street thug… To call it a salute to The Warriors is huge compliment coming from me, but that doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Filmed on the cheap in real English projects, everything accomplished here is nothing short of astonishing. The creature effects are wildly creative, and the film is made even sturdier by consistently delivering the unexpected and astoundingly good sound.


Jurassic Park Trilogy

Dear God, how much can a person love a movie?! I saw this in the theater like 10 times as a kid, so I can’t wait to see it again all High-Defy on the biggest TV I’ve ever owned. Given that Jurassic Park was the first film to employ CG on such a scale, it never ceases to amaze me how the effects still hold up better than most movies that proceeded it throughout the next decade. Actually, I think what’ll astonish most people is how little CG is actually in it. I’m also dying to watch The Lost World again just to see if the ending is as silly as I remember.


Captain America

Can’t believe I didn’t get to check this out in the theater, but summers are busy time for those working the Comic-Con convention circuit. Everyone I’ve heard from has positive things to say, and I expected nothing less from the director of The Rocketeer. This is the movie Joe Johnston was born to make. I’d also like to remind people how much Chris Evans rules. More than just a pretty boy, and he sure is pretty, he was astounding in Scott Pilgrim and was the sole redeeming virtue of those insipid Fantastic Four films.


Tom and Jerry Golden Collection

There are tons of classic cartoon characters I’m bigger fans of than Tom and Jerry, but even though the premise is a bit repetitive, both the animation is quality and cartoon violence is superb. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any classic theatrical cartoons remastered in high definition, so I’ll damn sure be scooping this up just to support that long overdue movement.


Battlefield 3
360  | PS3  |  PC

Long ago, Battlefield ruled my world. I was in a 1942 guild, and played the absolute shit out of BF: Vietnam. However, I believe I can pinpoint my abandonment of the PC format at Battlefield 2. I was a broke ass college student and couldn’t keep up with upgrading parts on a game-by-game basis. But with my newly beefed up desktop (and job) I can’t tell you how fucking ecstatic I am about diving headlong in to DICE’s latest multiplayer extravaganza with a mouse and keyboard.


Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

This makes me so goddamned happy! A traditional Kirby game that looks fantastic and sports four players onscreen in a way that actually works?! Reviewers are falling head over heels in love with this one… I just wish it’d come out earlier in the Wii’s lifespan as it’s a loving serenade to the fan base Nintendo has engendered. If you have to by a second-to-last Wii game, make it Kirby won’t you?

Dance Central 2

This and Child of Eden are just about the only thing that a hardcore gamer without kids has to justify a Kinect. I mean just in the way it reads so many specific body movements, and so accurately… Dance Central is, without a doubt, the most technically impressive game we’ve ever seen and a far bigger step towards a really cool future of gaming. Plus, I need to lose some weight and the later tiers in the game really drive home the unavoidable fact that my body is in dire need of maintenance.


House of the Dead Overkill

This little gem from Sega was largely ignored when it came out on the Wii, and that’s a damn shame. Of course, that’s largely due to being on the Wii, but I’m also going to guess Sega assumed Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodregiez were going to set forth a much larger Grindhouse movement that never came to fruition. It’s a gore-drenched, foul-mouthed adventure in the not-giving-a-shit.

UPCOMING VIDEO GAME AMAZON BONUSES – Pre-order and support Laser Time

Listed in order of release date
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3  360  |  PS3  |  PC
-$10 in-store credit
-$10 promotional credit towards a Turtle Beach Call of Duty:MW3 Ear Force Headset
-360 ONLY – Exclusive American Special Forces Avatar
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection  360  |  PS3
-$5 in-store credit towards Metal Gear: Rising
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition  360  PS3
-$5 in-store credit towards Metal Gear: Rising
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  360
 |  PS3  |  PC
-$10 in-store credit
Premium Physical Map
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
-$10 in-store credit
Master Chief Avatar Armor and the Grunt Funeral Skull
Saints Row: The Third  360  |  PS3 
-$10 in-store credit
Professor Genki Pack (Genki Suit, Octopuss Gun, and Man-A-Pult Car)
WWE ’12  360  |  PS3
-$10 in-store credit
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3  360  |  PS3
-Free New Age of Heroes Costume Pack
Need For Speed: The Run  360  |  PS3  |  PC
-$10 in-store credit
-Free Underground Challenge Series featuring extra cars and events inspired by NFS: Underground
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7  360  | PS3
-$10 in-store credit
Star Wars: The Old Republic
-Early game access and a color stone to change your weapon effect
Final Fantasy XIV
-$10 Amazon Game Store credit
Spec Ops: The Line  360  |  PS3  |  PC   *NEW*
-$10 in-store credit
Mass Effect 3  360  | PS3 | PC
-$10 in-store credit
Silent Hill: Downpour  360  | PS3
-$10 in-store credit

5 thoughts on “Top Amazon releases: Dino-Pooh Edition

    I’m still sad that I didn’t see it in theaters.
    I’ll be sure to pick it up.

  2. Awesome! I’m totally gonna have to see Attack of the Block. I heard Tyler go wild over it when it was in theaters.

  3. Attack of the Block is ‘meh’ at best. Interesting concept, but dear lord the accents were driving me nuts by the end. Ya… we get it… you’re all some sort of ‘hardcore’ urban British punks.

  4. “Dear God, how much can a person love a movie?! I saw this in the theater like 10 times as a kid, so I can’t wait to see it again all High-Defy on the biggest TV I’ve ever owned.”

    Did Brett write this?

  5. Attack the block was amazing, but still not as good as Winnie the pooh. bit disappointed with the lack of special features on it compared to other Disney releases, also i notice there’s no new lasertime 🙁

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