51 thoughts on “Laser Time – All About Dinosaurs!

  1. OMG BASED GOD YOU CAN F*CK MY B*TCH BASED GOD. Lil B jokes aside, I am greatly excited, hope to be able to donate soon haha

  2. Fantastic. The download speed was great for me, faster than the Living Laser. This episode is awesome already.

  3. I’m assuming Amazon is charging you by bandwidth to use S3, right? Why not just use Libsyn to host the file and pay a flat fee?

  4. Man, based on a quick calculation on Amazon, and your average podcast size and assuming you only have 1k listeners (I’m guessing you probably have more) your monthly bill from Amazon will be like $60. If you used Libsyn it would only be $20/month with unlimited bandwidth. Another thought is you could drop your podcast down to mono (do you really need stereo) and decrease the size of your audio files.

    Just want to make this as cheap as possible for you guys so that LaserTime never goes away 🙂

  5. What was Brett’s music podcast called again? vgempire? I can’t seem to find that on the internets. Link por favor?

  6. Thank you. I loved this episode, The Land Before Time was such a big part of my childhood and this episode brought back so many memories. Thanks for the close out song, it is amazing how easy it is to forget how much something was apart of your life and at the same time how easy it is for 30 seconds of music can bring it all rushing back.

  7. i will gladly donate 5$ as soon as that don bluth episode becomes a reality 😀 also, make the teeshirts have a minimum price, like 20$ or something but allow people to pay more, hence i could buy a 25$ shirt insetad of buy a shirt AND make a donation… or not

  8. Soooo much faster than last time and that’s sooooo awesome (perfect timing too since I’m temporaily on a limited data plan). I just wish itunes would get it’s lazy ass in gear and post it faster cause then I could put it on my ipod as a podcast and not an audio file.

    Oh well, not your problem. All that really matters is that it’s LASER TIME!

  9. I was heading out so I decided to start the download. Holy crap it’s going to be done before I get back lol. Nice!

  10. I can’t believe that you went an entire episode talking about dinosaurs, and Brett failed to mention Godzilla even once (unless I missed it). That aside, I absolutely love you guys. You’re the best friends I’ve ever had that I’ve never actually met. It’s great to see a family of podcasts spinning off from Tdar. Keep up the good work, fellas.

  11. Also, F The Land Before Time. That movie scarred me for years. Even hearing the music and voices still make my 28-year-old self uncomfortable. While we’re at it, F Don Bluth for making movies designed from the ground up to make children cry. All Dogs Go to Heaven taught me that all my loved ones will be taken away from me someday, and An American Tail had all whe wonder and whimsy of Schindler’s List (I always thought Fievel Goes West was funny, though).

    I suppose that Bluth can be commended for not talking down to children in his movies, but do you have to bait and switch kiddies with such adorable, doe-eyed character designs? Still, the Pizza Hut puppets were pretty neat.

  12. I completely surprised myself by singing along word for word with the Extreme Dinosaurs theme. “Saurian stomp!” had me on the floor dying.

  13. big happy sigh…
    i seriously was afraid that Dinosaucers wouldn’t get a mention in this ep.
    I’m glad it did.

    speaking on Koolaid… they don’t do Koolaid points anymore…
    did anyone ever use those to get anything?

    GAWD i love this show C:

  14. Just want to say thanks for the amazing podcast, was a huge dinoriders fan as a kid, never got the t rex, loved my tricerotops though, anyways great job, will make sure all my amazon purchases go through you guys. Also cant find the vgempire podcast anywhere, any chance of a link. Cheers again fella’s.

    Gamertag: The Dark Fenix
    United Kingdom

  15. Thanks. I’ve vaguely remembered the premise to Dinosaucers and never could remember the name or find it online till I heard this.

  16. Having only recently been introduced to Laser Time, I have spent a good deal of time going through your podcasts. Thanks for the literally DAYS worth of sweet ear pleasure. Hope you guys stick around for a long time and continue putting out incredible soundgasm goodness.

    Was hoping you would touch on some of the fantastic terrible b dino movies like The Land That Time Forgot and it’s sequel, The Last Dinosaur, and Planet Of Dinosaurs. I discovered these gems in my dad’s vhs taped off of tv collection as a young kid and after 20 some years still pop one in every now and then for a nostalgic trip back to my childhood.

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