The long overdue introduction of VGMpire!

Quick! Name two things that make Laser Time awesome and unique. Okay, if you answered “Video Game Music” and “Brett Elston” this is more than likely gonna knock your socks on your ass…

Say hello to VGMpire! Each week, Mr. Elston will play a selection of curated VGM from his personal collection, typically based around a single game, theme or composer, and offer his heartfelt insight in between tracks. (Seriously, this dude loves this shit.) Occasionally, Brett will also be joined by fellow game music enthusiasts. Like say, THIS WEEK, when Hank and myself join Brett for a discussion on the music of Battle Arena Toshinden and JUMPING FLASH!

Above: Fuck yeah that deep!

So, head on over here and bookmark the fuck out of

11 thoughts on “The long overdue introduction of VGMpire!

  1. when i say this, i am being the most sincere and complementary in the universe.
    VGMpire is like listening to Rainwave radio and NPR’s classical music livestream IN ONE.
    it’s the best of both worlds, i get awesome game music, and i get some good info, discussion, and history with it. C:
    glad you’re doing this.

  2. This podcast is AMAZING!! Brett is the best man when it comes to knowledge on VGM and I am so grateful that he has made this podcast dedicated to it. Wednesdays have new meaning now!! Keep ’em comin’ Brett!!

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