Chris and Tyler clean the fridge

You may have heard some of our cohorts complain of a certain smell while recording Laser Time. That’s because we record in our kitchen, and our fridge is also in our kitchen. Thing is, we sort of haven’t used it for a month, and we haven’t used it for a month because in the months prior, we left things in it. Those things grew, and those things became something we knew we’d eventually have to overcome. Enjoy, and try not to puke.

62 thoughts on “Chris and Tyler clean the fridge

  1. You guys should totally do a contest where you offer up a complete fridge overhaul to the winner. That looked like a piece of penacilin rich cake. get people to send in youtubes of thier fridges in comparison?

  2. Oh God. That was amazing and terrible all at once. I applaud you sirs and your unwavering determination to bring entertainment via any means necessary.

  3. Their complaints don’t seem to have been exaggerated at all. I couldn’t make it past the Half N Half though

    that was a MILLION times more hilariously disgusting than I thought it would be.
    I can’t believe you guys let that fridge turn into a science fair project like that
    I mean the fukkin CDC should have been there with hazmat teams to help you unload that thing XD

    seriously… never let it get like that again dudes.
    I occasionally forget a few tomatoes or celery and they liquefy but that one drawer was like a lake! DX

    chris… you can buy food for a week, but you have to make sure you’re willing to eat for a week. leftovers and what not. or buy food for a week for a single person. only buy what you know you can eat, and save the rest of your money for spontaneous meals.
    never let that fridge get like that again.

  5. “Is it sexist to point out that Playtex only make tampons and dish gloves” is why Chris Antista is unofficially a journalologist/comedian.

    Famous Tarrantino briefcase-shot at 01:35.

  6. I had an idea of how bad it was, but holy shit this is worse than I could have ever imagined.

  7. holy shit that was funny. I could smell it through the screen. just a quick heads up – that stuff will stay a lot longer if you put it in the freezer. also, if you stop shopping at trader joe’s.

  8. I managed to watch about 2 minutes before I started gagging. Reminds me of that time I left a frozen pizza in an unplugged fridge for 2 months. SO MANY MAGGOTS!!!!!! Ever since then, the thought of rotten food makes me gag.
    Good job though, guys. Unfortunately, you probably killed off a bunch of new, previously undiscovered life forms.

  9. Wow that was very entertaining but man I had several points where I was going to puke. The milk got me bad lol great vid please do more like this just less gross, or more gross? Doesn’t matter

  10. Great video guys, thanks. Nice to visualize where this lovely show is made.
    Oh, and for all of our sakes… take care of yourselves and your fridge.

  11. MIGHTY NURGLE LORD OF DECAY! Bless these worth priests of pestilence with a thousand poxes and millions of sores weeping sweet spores of rot onto the world. May you quickly find your way into the Garden my putrid princes.

  12. Never would I have thought I would spend ten minutes of my life watching two guys clean out a fridge, let alone enjoy it. I laughed, I cried, I spewed, Job well done fellas, classic video.

  13. what the hell is wrong with u two, i kill wild game and they don’t even look as bad, that was in your fringe

  14. I think the “Giant Olive” was a lime? This was awesome guys, thanks for sharing! Makes me feel less bad about how nasty I’ve let my fridge get a few times. 🙂

  15. Never thought I’d see the day when something would make Chris retch, Good god, reminds me of my fridge at one time.

  16. You sick lazy beautiful bastards thanks for postin now if you excuse me i need to clean out my frezzer……

  17. you guys should your new SPORE roommates to contruib to rent since they LIVE IN YOUR APARTMENT ANS ARE NEVER F#$ING LEAVING OMG!!!!!!

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