33 thoughts on “Laser Time – Merry New Year!

  1. Fantastic episode. Though I feel like I’m stupid since I can’t figure out what Henry said that got bleeped. Good luck with all the resolutions.

  2. I’m a weird example for resident evil. Last year I played the original psone version and loved it, then I picked up 2 and loved it, then I skipped to 5 and loved it. I still replay 2 a couple times a year.

  3. Aww man, you guys were getting really good during your Fight Club, American Pyscho and Donnie Darko talk, and then it cuts out in the middle of the home alone segment. Damnation!

    I’m going to say that using the sugggestions from the forums is a great idea. Also I’m pretty sure the first time most people see a film like fight club or memento they go “Whoa that was deep man” especially when your 16-17 and getting drunk for the first time.

  4. The Remake of Resident Evil was the reason I bought a Game Cube. I’m glad Brett finally got to (hopefully) enjoy it.

  5. In 1999 during my senior year of high school, I played John Bender in the seThe nior skit for homecoming week. The whole skit was a mash up of popular 80’s movies. Breakfast Club is still relevant.


    Brett mentioned of wanting to do stream of a complete playthrough of the Legend of the Zelda. And, he does 4 years later (2016). I am in the process of re-listening/listening for the old episodes for first time, and it will be fun “knowing” the future and comment on if appropriate.

    These older episodes sure have a different feel to the recent episodes. It’s somewhat more subdued in some ways but can be irreverent in other ways.

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