Super Duper Laser Time Fan Art for the New Year

Honoring the more artistically inclined members of the Laser Time community! See which piece will take home a highly-coveted Amazon gift card…

Our older show, TalkRadar, used to get a ton of Fan Art. Still does, actually. But Laser Time hasn’t been as fortunate. Perhaps that’s our fault, since we haven’t actually made it a point to post user-inspired brilliance since way back before our first episode launched. Let’s make up for that right goddamned now, shall we?! Here are highlighted works of Laser Time-inspired imagery from our Fan Art Forum thread. One lucky artist will win a $20 Amazon gift card, which will likely be as good as straight-up cash within a decade.

Words can’t express how much I love this piece by soggysage. Note how Brett, Hank, and I are wearing shirts that express our passions. I like to joke that Mikel and Tyler are so devoid of personality they’re defined by a beard and spectacles, but it turns out that’s painfully true and I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.


Batman5273: The most dependable artist a podcast could ask for! But you know… that unholy culinary concoction above is actually less gross than the shit Tyler and I pulled out of our six-month-sealed refrigerator. The beast is almost appetizing by comparison. If you haven’t seen the video already do so here. Strangely enough… I’ve been making content for the internet professionally for over half a decade, and nothing I’ve ever done has generated more responses from friends, family and fans. That ain’t bragging – I can assure you Tyler and I are thoroughly ashamed of ourselves.

I’ll over look the fact that XanderGC‘s piece brings up a cruel taunt I was forced to endure throughout childhood (and much of TalkRadar) because it references one of my favorite games of last year, Super Meat Boy. Pick that shit up on Steam or Xbox Live.

I wish I could put this out in a Laser Time press release, but Alison Brie and artist Mermoden would probably sue the shit out of me. Wait, have you seen Community? If not, then SHAME ON YOU! That brilliant little show is on the verge of cancellation, so unless you want to wait 10 years for Netflix to resurrect it like Arrested Development, pick up a copy of Community Season One or Two to send NBC/Sony a message of solidarity. And for no other reason than I fucking love the show, here’s my favorite clip of the moment:

Another winrar from Batman5273, taking us back to Laser Time 7’s Dinosaur spectacular! Peep the description at the top – I totally missed that on first glance.

I honestly don’t know if this picture by Sellery featuring Tyler as Green Arrow is referencing him being overly drunk in that particular episode, or being bored out of his mind during our comic book discussions. Either way, if Mr. Wilde has a conscience, it’s probably best represented with by a rage comic.

soggysage strikes again, with a cringe-inducing mock-up featuring my Novocaine-riddled face (seriously, I took the source pic my dentist’s bathroom) and the utterly atrocious Theodore Rex from our Dinosaur episode. And I mean that as no insult to soggysage here, I just hate everything about this movie. Even Theo’s shoes irritate me far beyond rationality. I dare you to watch this piece of useless Whoopi Goldberg fuckshit!

WINNER! Seriously, I cannot say enough wonderful things about this work by artist mts. In the forums fellow Laser Timer, Aeshir joked that this should be our new logo, and I’m absolutely inclined to agree. As an alien, a puppet, a cat-devouring monster, an 80’s icon, animated character and the star of a lovably cornball sitcom, I can think of no character more symbolic of everything Laser Time is about than fucking ALF. Congrats to mts!

This is exactly the kind of art I’d like to put on t-shirts… coming I swear! I also hope we can giveaway more prizes for fan art periodically, so raise up your art boners, people!


17 thoughts on “Super Duper Laser Time Fan Art for the New Year

  1. Yays for fan art appreciation!!! Also Chris I can’t thank you and the rest of the LaserTime/ Tdar crew enough for getting me into watching Community. It truly is the best comedy out there at the moment!

  2. I honestly felt bad the whole time making my “Super Pizza Boy.” I suppose I could have just called it “Super Meatball Boy” or maybe even “Super Antista Boy” but I went with it and maybe it is more of a call back to TalkRadar than your childhood taunting.

    If it makes you feel better Chris, my last name when rearranged will spell out “Pretzel” perfectly. 🙂

  3. I gotta get a poster of “The Land Before LaserTime.”

    I wonder how many people clicked this link because of Alison Brie?

  4. That Community clip is my current favorite as well. I was so happy to see it in this article, I watch that clip like five times a day.

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