52 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Worst of VGM

  1. As someone who was stupid enough to buy Donkey Konga 2, I’m sure this podcast will bring forth terrible memories.( It was the first game I bought and returned in the same day.)

  2. Always excited to see what genre the new podcasts are listed as in iTunes, It’s funny before I even start listening.

  3. Just bought a shirt! I hope you guys are getting a big chunk of that money because that’s usually more than I like to pay for a shirt…

  4. Well since this is tangentially related to VGMpire, do you think instead of donating 50$ for an improv, we could donate 50$ for a VGMpire premise (ie “Great Battle Themes” or “Highlights from the Mother series”)? Just an idea I had this week. Thought you guys could toss it around, and, maybe, get more donations that way.

    As always, thanks a lot for putting this together! Some of us can’t live without this podcast!

  5. Since it was in TalkRadar as well, could you shove in a link to that Pumped Up Kicks/Deadwood Cove smash-mix-em-up?

  6. Michael Grimm can have all my babies for the funny he brings to the cast. I don’t care how biologically irresponsible it may be to pass on two sets of male genes.

  7. God, I really loved this episode. I remember playing Donkey Konga with some friends who genuinely thought the music in the game was good. I felt like everyone was playing a joke on me, but no, we sat there and played that damn game for 5 hours. I hate myself.

  8. The weird thing listening to this show is that I’m 20, so everything you guys remember from adolescence is from my really early childhood, a little before what I can intentionally remember. How dare you guys make me remember Cruisin USA? I could’ve ignored that trash for the rest of my life.

  9. Yes! thank god for laser time. Helps with the monotony of work every monday!

  10. The “Oops I Did It Again” GBA American Idol excerpt is the hardest laugh the Internet’s provided me this week, and the high point of Laser Time in my eye.

    I can’t find the video on Youtube. Can someone point me toward this majesty so I can listen to it and cackle like a hyena on the regular?

  11. Well damn Horchata sounds good!
    I\Also, it is funny to listen to how much Grimm enjoys being offended by everything.

  12. My wife and I listen every week, love the show. We were both so sad that we disliked the Glowing Stars’ Songs, I was like….no we have to like this and want to support her band…..youtube’d stuff……..still no. Sorry, great podcast which I recommend all the time, don’t hate me.

  13. Fucking Classic! Was just thinking it had been awhile since there had been some good bad game audio on talkradar and BOOM Laser Time gets it done!

  14. The Glowing Stars sound soo much better when Lizzy Q. isn’t screeching over the track in an attempt to sing.

  15. Also, suggestion when you guys do these awesome “play sound clip or music” wait a few moments to speak and interject your awesome brand of comedy. Its hard to appreciate some of your funny comments and observations when they compete with the sounds being played. I often have to turn up the computer really loud or rewind the show so that my wife can hear what is going on (also she has very little background on a lot of these topics so she doesn’t instantly remember a lot of the things) A few pauses here and there…then maybe even play it a few times after-wards or behind your comments would make the show sound much better. Last thought Bad Video Game Commercials? Really pointless scenes in great movies? and of course Bad Video Game Voice Acting.

  16. This was easily one of my top 3 favorite episodes in the LTP repertoire, the content and commentary are top notch. I had to fight back several outbursts of laughter at work. Replayed this one at least 5 times, gets better every play. MORE OF THIS! And Thank you!

  17. Very funny podcast. Was missing the NES Back to the Future music though. That was terribad. Chessmaster’s bassy nonsense was hilarious. I love the over-the-top Seinfeld bass guitar that a lot of SNES games had.

    Also kudos to talking about the Magypsies in Mother 3, good stuff.

    Would love to purchase a VGMpire t-shirt, but it’s kinda pricey!

  18. What about a surprise list of good music in bad games? Example is Deadly Premonition. Not all is great but then it matches Twin Peaks wonderfully. Also its modern

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