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Poison Popcorn Night of the Comet zombie

It’s night, there’s a comet: no good can come of this. As everyone decides to party the night away whilst the Earth bathes in the tail of a comet, not one person stops to contemplate the fact that the last time this happened, a certain species of giant lizard died en masse, but that was probably just a coincidence right? Wrong.

Genre: Comedy/ Sci-Fi/ Horror
Director: Thom Eberhardt
Rated: PG-13
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As is always the case with stray comets, if you are not shut away in a steel-lined vessel of some sort, you’re going to find yourself as a great big pile of red dust nestling in a rumpled set of clothes the next morning. Or worse, you could be a zombie. I don’t profess to understand the relationship between brick dust, zombies and comets, but rest assured there is one.

Our sibling heroines Reggie and Sam have conveniently spent the night in 2 separate steel-lined locations and are a tad surprised to see zombies and people dust everywhere. After hotfooting it to the local radio station they meet Hector who spent the night in his steel-lined truck and, ipso facto, is ok, although he does look like a young Chakotay from Star Trek…most likely because he is.

Sam makes believe she’s a radio DJ and shortly afterwards takes a call from an isolated bunch of scientists who are alive and well and just happen to be tuned into that particular station. Whilst they send out a rescue party, Chakotay – I mean Hector, buggers off for a bit and the girls take the opportunity to ransack the clothing section of the nearby mall. Their fashion montage is rudely interrupted by a gang of semi-coherent zombie thugs, who start a gun fight and then take the girls prisoner.

As luck would have it, the scientists show up at that very moment and take care of business. However they turn out to be a right old bunch of bastards, out to harvest the blood of survivors to look for a cure to degenerative zombie disease. This isn’t a “for the greater good scenario” either; some stupid twonk left the air ventilation system open in the bunker when the comet passed over and they’ve all been exposed.

Murder, suicide and rescue missions follow as time starts running out for the scientists and the trio of heroes pull out all the stops to survive the fallout from the night of the comet.

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7 thoughts on “Poison Popcorn – Night Of The Comet

  1. NOTC! Haven’t seen this movie in a while, I will have to watch this again. Nice GG!!!

    She’s wearing moms in every scene!

  2. NOTC is a fun movie. I can’t say it’s a good movie, but I enjoyed the heck out of watching it. It’s such an odd mix of Apacalypse scenario and Teens have run of the city montage. It’s hard not to smile at almost every scene.

  3. Another good choice!

    Goes to show you that everyone thinks in the same way when it comes to survival in an apocalyptic situation:

    1. Find an Uzi 9mm
    2. Go looting
    3. Kill all son’s a bitches!

    Keep ’em coming!!!

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