Sex Toy Story 2012!

Nothing helps  one cope with trauma like posing ther action figures in sexual positions and winning a FREE GAME…

With the closure of GamesRadar forums this week, many of us have lost the place we originally met and hung out with in for somewhere around five years. So, in an attempt to celebrate something both old and new, Laser Time is kicking of SEX TOY STORY 2012! Far more than a terrible idea for a MadTV sketch, this is a tribute to the community who threw maturity to the wind and entered in a contest I ran almost two years ago and still, try as I might, cannot stop laughing about… wanna play? You could win A GAME OF YOUR CHOICE. Here’s what an entry looks like:

Pic by yoyoguy, Hero of PG Porn

-Sign up for a Laser Time Forum profile
-Take a picture of your action figures fucking
-Post said picture in the “appropriate” thread
-Laugh like no one’s watching (they really won’t be)

Almost nothing makes me laugh more than this picture from iJizzLots

We’ll post the best ones in an article once the contest concludes. (Game must be $60 or less on Amazon. No Special Editions, eBay purchases, or fucking Steel Battalion!) Let the examples posted on this page inspire you to take home the prize. All we ask is that you try and keep nudity, Hitler pics, and references to the 1989 Challenger disaster to an absolute minimum.

If I’m not mistaken, this is all Dan Amrich’s fault


29 thoughts on “Sex Toy Story 2012!

  1. can we post more then one pic? as someone who has well over 100 action figures ive got a few ideas, at a msic store where i used to work my boss and myself used to keep a good chunk of our collection in the bank room and i would often leave an orgy of toys screwing on the nightly paper work for the person opening the nextt morning to walk in on… i had a lot of free time there

    1. I was on a cross-country flight when they were talking about the sensual Mr. Data. I couldn’t stop laughing, and the old couple sitting next to me did not approve.

  2. What? The forums closed down? Damn and I just moved out and left all my toys back home.

    I could maybe place the cleaning supplies suggestively….oh god why did I grow up?

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