Do The Bartman and Deep Deep Trouble – Official Music Videos

Seriously, you’ve earned this…

Many of you complained this week’s Laser Time was intolerable. Others posed we had no right to go digging up memories long thought buried within the deepest, safest confines of our nostalgia. To that we say: Hey, Man! Don’t blame us! These horrific relics of early 90s excess were concocted by the very same people responsible for The Simpsons “When They Were Good!” or so the old argument goes. For shits n’ gigs, I went and pulled these vids off of my Simpsons: Complete Season Two DVD, and decided to adorn them with ultra-nerdy notes. This is the internet after all!

-Written by Bryan Loren and FUCKING MICHAEL JACKSON!
-Directed by Brad Bird, helmsman of awesome animated fare like The Iron Giant, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles!
-Premiered on November 20th, 1990, following a truncated version of the episode “Bart the Daredevil”

-Principal Skinner and Millhouse’s hair are the wrong goddamned color.
-The only visual reference to Michael Jackson is an alley poster that reads “Ben & His Rat Army,” a reference to the movie Willard which Jackson wrote the theme “Ben” for.
-Jacques, the man Marge nearly had an affair with, dances with Karl and Princess Kasmir, two people who nearly compromised Homer’s marriage.
-Dancing on a rooftop you can see the back of a yellow Krusty the Klown, the Capital City Goofball, and an older version of Bart himself

-Written by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Matt Greoning (There needs to be a reunion)
-Directed by Greg Vanzo
-Premiered on March 7, 1991 after the episode “Bart’s Dog Gets an F”

-Unlike “Do the Bartman,” this music video recycles animation.
-The video uses animation dating back to The Tracey Ullman Show, the show that gave birth to The Simpsons.
-Will “The Fresh Prince” Smith appears in the song only as a sample exclaiming “TROUBLE!”
-Krusty is fucking green?!

That’s it. Feel free to add your own observations in the comments below. Oh, and if you’d like own these gems for yourself, they’re preserved forever on The Simpsons: Complete Second Season DVD WITH COMMENTARY! Again, please refrain from letting your anger get the best of you. The early 90s were strange times…

13 thoughts on “Do The Bartman and Deep Deep Trouble – Official Music Videos

  1. I love how you can tell so obviously do the bartman is all done on painted cels, or maybe its just me because i watch cartoons more then just about anything else

  2. Look at those fucking backup dancers! They’re literally dressed exactly like Poochie! They’re like someone refined the early 90s into a powder, snorted it, and drew them while tripping balls.

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