Spider-Man LOVES oranges (and other educational Spider-moments)

Lost gold from the Spidey’s past preserved by YouTube…

30 years ago when there were only 3 channels to watch, it was basically required that a certain percentage of otherwise awesome entertainment must be used responsibly to teach cartoon-obsessed kids about seatbelts, drugs and amputations. Spider-Man wasn’t immune to the phenomenon and starred in a few during the decades before he became a billion dollar movie star. The below video is one of the earliest, as Spidey forgoes money for a single orange.

First off, doesn’t Spider-Man understand he could buy tons of oranges with that money? And second, why does the mayor (I’m assuming that’s the mayor) have one laying around to speedily hand over? Was it all a planned photo op and was Spider-Man’s interruption scripted, making him part of the big fruit conspiracy?

There was at least one more of these, this time replacing a giant fly with a T-Rex and an orange with a banana:

One banana! He could have at least asked for a bunch! And now in the Marvel Universe a New York zoo has a T-Rex? I feel that’s a bit more newsworthy than the mayor honoring Spider-Man again. This also reminds me of one of my pet peeves as a Spider-Man fan growing up: Spidey sounds waaaay too old. Peter Parker is a young man in his early to mid-20s struggling with adulthood, so he shouldn’t sound like your dad. It seemed like voiceover directors for cartoons never understood that until the 90s Fox Spider-Man show. Before that he just sounded like a generic superhero, not the personality rich wiseass that people love.

Want another government sponsored example of Spider-Man’s weird voice stylings? Watch this clip found at the start of select VHS tapes:

This one makes way less sense than the fruit ads. Any kid can eat fruit, but you have to be over 18 to vote, so are the children that watch this supposed to remember it for a decade and then register? Did they think unregistered adults would finally do their civic duty because a guy in a costume told them to? “Honey, Spider-Man is right. I’ve been letting down myself and America all these years. Let’s head to the nearest post office or library and register today!“

Lastly, you may have known Spider-Man appeared on the old PBS companion to Sesame Street, The Electric Company. You may even know he was pals with a young Morgan Freeman. BUT, did you also know Spidey was a Mets fan that battled walls?

Spider-Man was used on the show to teach reading skills via word balloons, and the show creators were obviously fans of the comics, as they kept Spidey true to his New York roots. I’m glad Spidey prefers The Mets to the Yankees, since their history of World Series wins doesn’t really jibe with the classic definition of Peter Parker Luck. OH! And this is basically canonical now! Current Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has had Peter appear in Mets gear multiple times, even in childhood flashbacks.

Still don’t believe Spider-Man loves The Mets? Then how do you explain his now non-cannonical wedding taking place in Shea Stadium? (Also, can you make it more than 40 seconds into that interminable video? We couldn’t.)

Is the video shitty or is that Stan Lee without a mustache? Oh well, doesn’t matter, as Mephisto wiped that moment from history. The important thing to remember is SPIDER-MAN VOTES FOR BANANA METS!

17 thoughts on “Spider-Man LOVES oranges (and other educational Spider-moments)

  1. I love how matter of factly he rejects the cash prize in favor of a single fruit.

    Keep your money, I will have…. long pause… a banana.

    So when Spider-man wants to take a vacation, he doesn’t go to a baseball game as Peter Parker, he goes as Spider-man wearing a Mets cap. That must be surreal. Having people notice him in the crowd. “Hey, Spider-man! How’s it go-” “Sir, please, I would just like to watch the game and push this hotdog into my mask, please, sir, I’m just like everybody else… well, I’m not but still…”

  2. How much money was the mayor going to give Spidey? $420? $450? $450,000? He got cut of before he finished.

    I liked the “eating a hotdog with no mouth” joke, myself.

    How is Stan Lee officiating at a wedding? Has he been ordained? The Right Reverend Stan Lee?

  3. I can’t believe this, Spiderman advocated voter fraud. Registering under something that isn’t your legal name is illegal, and I don’t think his name is Spider Man.

  4. Stan Lee just cant keep himself off camera!!! It’s kind of annoying.
    He EVEN showed showed up in that “Heroman” anime that according to wikipedia he wrote but I have doubts about considering hes old as dirt.

  5. “Did they think unregistered adults would finally do their civic duty because a guy in a costume told them to?”

    Sadly, here in America, they probably would.

    side note: orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

  6. They actually referenced this in Amazing Spider-man 678, when a fruit salesmen offered Peter a plum when he responded “I would rather have… a banana.”

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