46 thoughts on “Laser Time – Oscar Grouchy

  1. I’m an apologetically big fan of the Oscars. I realize that many movies are made specifically to bait the award voters in a way that’s borderline lobbyism, but at the same time I love film and enjoy seeing talent, hard work, and artistic vision be rewarded. So yeah, love/hate sums it up well.

  2. I absolutely could not have cared less that the Oscars were on last night and, in fact, I’ve never really cared. I can understand the need for them with in the industry as a use of celebrating people and what not, but, from the outside it really is a big circlejerk.

  3. Futurama put it best with an ad at the The Young People’s Awards, the Old People’s Awards tomorrow (The Oscars). 😛

  4. Saw the first half hour and went upstairs to do homework, English homework. Didn’t see the appeal of Billy Crystal.

  5. So, I’d just like to say that I’d really prefer it if you did NOT rotate VGMpire and Cape Crisis. I really enjojy VGMpire, and I’d hate to get less of it. Not that I dislike Cape Crisis mind you, I just like VGMpire more.

  6. Hey guys, one of the brothers chaps just tweeted that Homestarrunner.com is going to start updating again. Any chance you would do a homestarrunner themed section, or maybe a full episode? That site means a lot to me and I’d love to see it get the laser treatment.


  7. I know that no one there cares about sports, but you have your Billys confused. The openly gay former baseball player Billy Bean is not the man portrayed in Moneyball. He played in the majors for a few different teams, and never became a GM. It is Billy Beane that Brad Pitt plays.

  8. Another great episode! Really enjoyed everyones thoughts on the Oscars; both past and present. I’d tune in to hear you guys comment about every award show (Grammy’s, Emmy’s, even the VGA’s). Keep up the great work.

  9. I don’t care at all about most movies, and I have never even seen a snippet of a single Oscar in my 19 year life, but as usual you guys make it worth hearing about.

    Not even mad at how the episode ended, Chris your a gentleman haha

  10. Love this episode but chose to skip about 20 minutes while you guys talked about Hugo. FUCK that movie, it completely ruined the feel of the graphic novel/novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I shook my head and exclaimed “fuck that movie!”. Never been this mad at something since I played Resident Evil DS. Also, what’s up with TalkRadar? I’m starting to get kinda nervous.

  11. I could shit bigger than how much I care about award shows even those hosted by the GREAT BILLY C but I still will listen to you flame em! <3

  12. I love hearing your insights but this is the first time, I’m wholeheartedly disagreeing with a lot of your movie choices. For Henry to say that Clint Eastwood is a good director, clearly has never watched Hereafter or J. Edgar. Bugh to that. Otherwise, woo to the hoo, love the show!

  13. For your info Chris: Rango is utterly fantastic. In many ways it’s got the same problem as Hugo – all the ads make it look like a kid’s film, but it totally isn’t. It’s a dark, gritty Western, just with animals. And it’s also very funny, often in a dark humor way. See it at once.

    1. My favourite part of Rango was when the mole rat suggested that he was a rapist. “I LIKE IT WHEN THEY STRUGGLE” or something like that.

      Seriously. Cool movie, but weirded me the fuck out in some places.

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