47 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #2 – Earth 69

  1. Also, I really like the recommendation section. I’ve read a bunch of them but not all. Thanks Hank.

  2. Been out of comics for a few years but the initial one was a really great podcast. I’ll definitely be downloading and listening from now on.

  3. I love the thought that Goofy killed his own wife on one of his wild skiing / surfing / mountain climbing / golfing trips.


  4. A second one so soon!!! WHAAAA!!?? Not complaining in the least, the more cape crisis the better.

  5. the take away from this ep.
    don’t let charlie barratt borrow your shit.

    i’m glad this is going weekly.
    this site needs more podcasticly awesome content.
    and more videos too!

  6. This podcast files so many holes I didn’t know needed filling. Take from that what you will.

  7. #2 issues are often scarcer than the premiere issues and wind up being more valuable. I think that you will follow the trend.

  8. Loved this episode, I hope you keep the weekly format. Im really impressed with you guys, this website is a legitment source for a wide variety of highquality nerdy content.

  9. The Ultimate Universe is my favorite but because specifically the current POST-ULTIMATUM run of the comics have put mutants and heroes in general in a very unique place that is so riveting to read.

  10. Really enjoy the podcast. Have recommended it to non TDard comic fans.


    Can you guys shed some light onto the status of TDar? If it is finished, that’s OK, I just need closure. It woulda been great to hit 2 hundo….

  11. Cape Crisis still isn’t posted on Zune, so I can’t sync it with my phone. Henry, as a fellow WP7 user, I expected better from you.

  12. Love that you have decided to do this weekly, and I’m with Anne nothing wrong with Green Arrow in my book, specially when he’s throwing hilarious white man’s burden guilt trips at Green Lantern.


    Nothing scratches that itch like a weekly dose of “H-E-N-E-R-E-Y-G” Gilbert. The awesomeness is too much for my puny reptilian brain.

  14. I’m not a comic book fan, although I was big into X-Men and Tom and Jerry when I was growing up, but this is another great podcast I’ll be listening to regularly!

  15. Wow how did I miss this, DOWNLOADING NOW. And if your ever looking for break music about super heroes, “Ring Capacity” by Kirby Krackle is really good imo.

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