Laser Time gets ANIMATED!

Youtube auteur MasterWGS brings the saga of Ash and the Norweigian King of Names to glorious life!

Fucks sake, is the really Laser Time’s first video tribute?! I’ve wanted to just flat out ask for one, but how exactly does one go about pathetically begging their fine community members for audio/visual immortality? How about outright bribery?! I’m gonna throw MasterWGS a $20 Amazon gift card, because I do love it so. In case you didn’t know, this sketch features The Norwegian King of Names, a character spawned on the MIA TalkRadar some time ago.

Art by Batman5273!

This clip comes from some Laser Time episode I do not specifically recall, in which, during our pluggy/update break, we’d take an improv sketch request from listeners in exchange for a $50 donation. We quit doing it because… fuck, improv is HARD! They generally required a shitload of editing, still ran long as hell, and I couldn’t tell whether they were even funny or completely disruptive to the flow of the show. What do you think? Should we make a return to improv sketchery? Please be honest!

After all, that’s basically where the King of Names originally came from: just fuckin’ around! I’d wanted to embed the King’s inaugural appearance here, but the video’s been removed from YouTube. What the hell?! [UPDATE: The original King of Names sketch is back on YouTube thanks to XanderCG!]

47 thoughts on “Laser Time gets ANIMATED!

  1. The improvs are funny assuming they’re not something just.. weird. But this one was really good! And it was sponsored by me! So exclamation point!!

  2. I have now been reduced to tears for the second time from that bit. MasterWGS that was amazing by the way.

  3. How does this guy have so many clips of Pokemon laughing??

    Anyway that was hilarious!
    I liked the mid-laser improv Brett and Henery did in the last cast:
    “Hey authority figure, I’d sure love some of that breakfast cerea–
    “Oh I’ll outsmart you-

    but the improv segment sucked. Maybe find a better way to bring it up mid-show, or have people give suggestions in the forums so you have a bigger pool of stuff to choose from.

  4. Glad you guys liked this so much! It was a blast to work on, and it worked out well since I work with Pokemon footage on a fairly regular basis. Also super thanks to Chris for the Amazon gift! Glad something I just made for the hell of it has reaped a reward, as well as joy from fellow Laser Time listeners!

  5. It made me laugh so hard expecially when Chris…uh, I mean the King was losing his voice. When the sketches work they work wonders and even if it is just an occasional thing it would be nice.

    Quick note: I have a copy of the original King of Names clip if you need it. Then again I’m sure we all do.

  6. Great work Master WGS!

    I had to pause it after “Shitmontop” to collect myself. Life is better with Laser Time.

  7. I like the improv, but only from the Duke or kind of names!

  8. Couldn’t stop laughing at the Norwegian king trying to come up with a name for Meo…Ash’ pokemon! The animation fit in so well, glad it could keep up with their reactions. Also, the norwegian king sounds like vulturo from harvey birdman at times.

  9. Love it when images are put to audio. MasterWGS went above and beyond to use actual animation clips. The Norwegian King of Names looks perfect! Hilarious

  10. This made me so happy on such a crappy day, Thanks for bringing back this hilarious moment from the show, looking forward to showing it to my wife.

  11. oh my god this made me so happy
    My entire college union had to sit through me laughing hysterically for 6 minutes

  12. I’ve enjoyed both the improv and the sketches you guys have done, but obviously the improv will alway be a little bit hit and miss.

  13. I love the improv but mostly when there is an audience in the background like Tyler and Henry in this one. They’re still funny without them, like Chris and Tyler’s eskimos-in-norway but hearing it as less of a formal “let’s all stop the show for this” and more of a fun group thing really improves it. Adding in the two-man audience in the background really makes it work for me.

  14. I just LOLd a grape out of my mouth and across the room at “James Gandolfini” – the video does make it funnier. Next up, the original King of Names to Muppets footage please.

  15. The most of sketches so far have been great, and I would appreciate more in the future if you have a good premise.

    1. Just talked to pillowfort (the original uploader) about this, and apparently he just accidentally set all his videos as private, and he’s reverted it back now.

  16. Pleeease bring back the Improv. They were funny even when you didn’t think they were…and I’m sure the more you do of it the better they will be. I now look like an ass hole at work for having laughed to the point of accidental urination…thanks a lot…no really…thank you….

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