52 thoughts on “Laser Time – Saturday Morning Cereal

    1. It seems like talkradar is on hold since the massive layoffs a few weeks ago. Hopefully it comes back.

  1. Nice, I’ll be listening to this at work tomorrow while I try to divert my thoughts of Mass Effect 3!

  2. I… guess I’ll listen to Laser Time while writing my paper? Is that possible?

    It’ll just have to be.

  3. Damn itunes is taking too long, I can’t wait another minute for my new Laser Time fix. Screw it, downloading it here.

  4. This podcast is magically delicious. When Sonic X was brought up I thought you guys were gonna rip into 4kids TV.

  5. You mentioned it for a moment in the middle of the episode, but what’s the source of the awesome intro? With the dude talking about the cereal references?

  6. I had no idea Oliver Stone directed Any Given Sunday, no wonder I hate that stupid ass pretentious movie.

  7. I love love love this episode. I was even playing along in the contest! at 01:01:18, the show Mike Grim is talking about is called Bots Master! My brother and I loved that show. My brother even collected all the toys. That show coincidentally was also on the same channel with ExoSquad, Sonic The Hedgehog (Urkel voice Sonic) and Biker Mice from Mars. Here’s the Bots Master intro:

    1. Even more ironic is that no one knew Bots Master on THIS site. The show’s catchphrase was:


  8. That generation of kids who never knew that Trix were sphere shaped? Right here. This is the first time I’ve heard of sphere shaped Trix…
    Ironically though I got most of those intros faster than the hosts. I guess cereal isn’t my thing

  9. Do you remember that (Fruit/Cocoa) Pebbles Christmas ad where Barney is dressed as Santa to steal the cereal, Fred finds out, gets pissed, but then the real Santa shows up and tells Fred to give Barney the cereal because “’tis the season to be sharing?”

    The point is that Santa Claus is an asshole.

  10. Exo Squad kicked ass, especially the toys, had so many of them. Also Bucky O’ Hare. As for cereals, it came a little later and it might be a Canada thing, but Reese’s Pieces cereal is probably the only cereal that I can think of that is greasy.

    this is the show i’ve been waiting for!
    100% AWESOME!

    nerds cereal! i can’t believe someone else remembered that! XD

    seriously… antista… if you wanna do a saturday morning breakfast cereal podcast… i’m up for it.
    i wish you guys had delved deeper into those shows and commercials.
    but still it was a very awesome episode!

  12. What is the music the plays from about 4:00 to 6:00. I hear it all the time, I believe it was in an episode of VGMpire, but I have no idea where it is from.

  13. it’s been long enough that I completely forgot this episode and what happens in it.
    I thought I had never listened to this ep but I see my old comment.

    also this one needs a video companion.

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