37 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #3 – Waiting for the trade

  1. So, has anyone thought of repurposing R-Ape as a mascot yet?

    C-Ape Crisis? And he already has a cape and everything!

  2. These recommendations are great. Please keep them up, it really helps people like me who don’t know where to start with comic books. I just wish I had enough time to keep up with them…

  3. that was fun, keep up the good work, i heard a bunch of stuff id want to check out eventually

  4. What day do you guys usually record cape crisis on? Just want to know when is best to comment on the QOTW

  5. ive been looking for an excuse to get back into comics for years but none of my friends really read comics so ive put it off… until now. After hearing Hank’s awesome-sounding recommendations and reminding me about how much i want to get back into comics ive been inspired to pay a visit to my local comic shop (Teahouse Comics in atlanta) to get as many books as i can carry!! Last books i read were the fantastic Rocketeer one-offs. I highly recommend them.

  6. I’m really diggin’ this podcast!! Thank GOD there are alternatives to the now deceased TalkRadar. The pain is too much, but Cape Crisis, Lasertime and VGMpire definitely ease the pain. Thank you my dear San Francisco treats!!

  7. What Preacher movie? Checked IMDB, no such thing. Am I missing something? There was something called Machine Gun Preacher, but it’s unrelated. Were you thinking of Priest?

  8. Two things.

    1) I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I REALLY dig the simple guitar intro/outro for this podcast. I seriously walk around with that riff in my head for the rest of the day, whenever a new Cape Crisis hits my ears.

    2) Antista’s pre-recorded chaser at the end of each podcast says “the following” podcast even though it comes at the end. “The preceding,” maybe? Nitpicking for the win!

    Fun podcast, fellows!

  9. Really loving this coming out weekly! I miss my glory days of comic reading, haha. Been doing a little here and there in recent years, and Comixology is helping to revive that now too. My biggest thing was collecting every single issue of Bone when they came out… just bought them all digitally too a few weeks ago. 🙂

  10. A conversation flowed into Aquaman talk, and then John DiMaggios Aquaman SINGING! OUTRAGEOUS. Kinda wish there would be talk of the now cancelled Batman the brave and the bold? or teen titans?

  11. Loved it!

    Incidentally – Archie is my guilty pleasure comic – I remember when my mother seriously considered banning me from reading Archie after one issue where both Betty and Veronica both mistakenly thought that Archie was going to ask one of them to ‘go steady’ with him, because that’s super innapropriate that is. Congrats Kevin!! The issue sold out!

    Also – the Gaiman v Macfarlane matter has set a really good precedent for comic artists with regarda to their intellectual property in common publications. Other than Macfarlane getting his comeuppance, its good progress for comic artists and artists in general.

    ew – this comment is long!

  12. I have a question – why do comics that contain graphic images ( like the one with jokers face nailed to a wall) have adverts for Lego star wars and milk ?

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