Community returns next week, insane trailer prepares you (but is it too late?)

That show we can’t stop talking about is almost here, but is it rising from the ashes or on its farewell tour?

Many of us know the pain of loving a show that much of the world doesn’t get. Sometimes they’re one-season wonders like Freaks & Geeks, Mission Hill, or Firefly. Sometimes they get a second, third, and even fourth chances, like NewsRadio, Arrested Development, and Strangers With Candy. Community now finds itself in a similar situation, but can it become one of those rare cult shows that actually gets a fourth season? Only if people watch it when it return on Thursday.

Community, a show loved by weirdos the world over (especially at Laser Time) disappeared from the airwaves last December, leaving many to assume they’ll never see if the gang will make it to regionals. The show’s creator finally confirmed Community will finally return for the remainder of its third season next week, even going so far as to release a parody of goosebump-worthy film trailers that ultimately did give us goosebumps.

But why are we so excited? What’s so special about a weird show stuck in the ghetto of network television? Aren’t cable comedies like Eastbound & Down, Always Sunny in Philidelphia, and anything on Adult Swim creatively freer and therefore better? Perhaps, but one of the things we love about Community is the strange, dark, unique places it can go despite the boundaries of network TV.

Would a pile of three-camera shit like Big Bang Theory or Whitney explore alternate timelines or sing Seal’s Kiss From a Rose for two whole minutes? Family Guy might reference pop culture constantly like Community, but would it have an episode where the characters earnestly play D&D to prevent a suicide? Would The Cleaveland Show go so out of its comfort zone to promise a Pulp Fiction homage and instead deliver a tribute to My Dinner With Andre (with a Cougar Town monologue no less)? Will Glee ever do an episode about how bullshit Glee is? NO.

Think Big Bang could build for over three years to a throwaway joke like this and not call attention to it?

Community does all this experimental stuff within the structure of a giant corporate system, somehow existing for three years and 60-plus episodes so far. They do it without easy storytelling crutches like cutaways or talking to the camera, creating humor that relies on the richness of its characters and their personal issues, with some of the best comedic actors around.

So now it’s coming back for what could be the last time. In a world with streaming video and DVD box sets, Community will never truly disappear (and each episode is packed with tiny jokes that demand repeat viewings). And it’ll have to end sometime, I just hope it isn’t now. Community deserves to exist as long as it can, preferably for six seasons and a movie, but that’s not why you should watch it.

If you’re the kind of pop culture-loving nerd that goes to this site, Community is for you. If you’ve yet to watch it, you’re doing yourself a disservice. For that reason alone, try to watch it one way or another when it returns to the air March 15 at 8 PM. Hulu, NBC, XFinity, whatever, just watch it and spread the word. Could at least one beautifully strange network show make it to a fourth season just this once?

28 thoughts on “Community returns next week, insane trailer prepares you (but is it too late?)

  1. It’s times when these that I hate living in Europe, I love community and I want to support it but there isn’t a way for me to do that in a way that would help it stay on the air. Until they allow us Europeans to use services like hulu to view American TV-shows at the time of airing I will have to continue viewing them through less than legal means. I don’t want to have to wait half a year for a season of a show I like and then have to view it through filter of shitty translated text. I’m just happy i don’t live in Spain or something where you’re force-fed shitty dubs, ew.

    1. I feel for you. I had similar problems with BBC comedies and other foreign media. It’s tiresome when media giants refuse to recognize the global reach of the internet.

    2. I live just to the north of the States, and I still can’t watch this online (most places)

      Despite that, I will find a way.

  2. Just caught up on season 3 last week. Gotta love that Hulu free trial for those 10 episodes that basically aren’t available anywhere else.

  3. Me and some friends agreed to watch it live on digital cable then again on hulu each week. I would like at least 4 seasons, lets get them through 4 years of college

  4. Love Community, i watch it on Hulu even though in in Canada so it counts towards their viewership. Also watch it on city TV on demand, which is strange.

    Good article hEneryG, I was expecting a full on episode about community this week with the return and all, possibly with Dan Harmon. (i hoped he responded to your tweet that one time)

  5. Hey Community, here is my money. Just stand there and I will throw it at you. Go on don’t be shy.. Oh, what’s this? Archaic media laws that restrict my ability to shower you in what little funds I have to spare? But I want to give you my money? No? But this doesn’t make sense… . Of course the only thing that could come between our love is my countries inability to comprehend legitimate streaming services. I’m sorry Community. I love you.

  6. I’m a UK resident and massive Community fan, but sadly the only way for me to feed my fix is to download torrents of the episodes. I’ve been recommending it to friends but as they all live in the UK aswell none of us are actually helping in terms of viewing figures!

  7. dude… you don’t know how excited I am about this!
    I’m actually going to go to my families house to watch it on a tv every week, because apparently just watching it on hulu the day after doesn’t count or something.
    gotta show my support. i just wanna see them make it to graduation, so jeff can keep those dinner reservations he made with himself in honor of becoming a lawyer again.

    this show deserves an ending like arrested development, or seinfeld.

    also… whatever on dog piling tbbt… it’s super formulaic now, but the first two seasons had some pretty good episodes.
    it’s meant for people like my mom who think they get geek culture, but really only have a broad idea of it like starwars, startrek, nintendo, or batman, superman, and spiderman.
    calm down you guys. be cool.

  8. i have never gotten goosebumps from a trailer for a tv show. lasertime, you are now my official reviewer for all things media.

  9. A fourth season would put them really close to having 100 episodes for that sweet, sweet syndication money. Could help them in their chances for a fourth season.

  10. Even if you buy the dvd’s just to watch the episodes (which is still a great thing), they have some great commentary tracks which make the repeat viewings even better.

    Also, I can’t stop saying “I’m excited for regionals.” I don’t sing and it’s starting to scare me…

  11. Community makes me the most happiest i have ever been. And yes i know that happiest is not a word bitches!

  12. Watched that shit when it aired, and then again the next day on Hulu. It was, predictably, fantastastic and unpredictable.

    My personal favorite moment of the episode:
    “Britta, that’s a really nice bouquet!”

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