40 thoughts on “Laser Time – McLaser

  1. YES! The wait for Lasertime is over!

    Man, I’ve been sitting here refreshing the page for 3 hours. Whew!

  2. Sorry about the delay. Will be a more timely drop in the future

    But just to clear the air… FUCKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGZ!

  3. Wait a second, am I getting a cast based on my country?! Yay! I can’t wait to point out the usual stereotypes and cultural differences!!

  4. Lol, speaking of bullet time, when Max Payne in a few months comes out I wanna hear some good lasers because that game made bullet time (so one would assume the latest modern version would be laser time). ok ok yeah back to work…

  5. NOT COOL MAN. I mean, I laughed at the gong sound effect, and Bonesquaw, and the Niko Bellic impressions, and the hour long segments dedicated to laughing at the accents in Heavy Rain, but when you make fun of MY country that’s going too far and DOESN’T MAKE ME A HYPOCRITE AT ALL OR ANYTHING.

    Seriously, it’s weird to think Chris got hate mail over that, I can only imagine they were from teenagers or the people Mike Grimm mentioned – white Americans who cling to some shred of ancestry.

    Chin up, we don’t really mind.

  6. Great episode! Brett’s dramatic reading of the description of Deadliest Warrior made me lol.

    I’d love if you could get the show out like an hour earlier. I was refreshing the main page hoping the new episode would show up all night. Remember, the east coast is like three hours ahead of you.

  7. This got me through an extremely shitty day at work. Thank you, Laser Time, for making endless paperwork somewhat more bearable.

  8. One of your better casts so far, guys. Never let Grimm leave.

    By the way, there is a way to get your fish to carry over into ME3. See if you can figure out how without google. 🙂

  9. I really liked this episode. While I ALWAYS look forward to a Laser Time that’s nostalgia/pop culture-rrific, I like when you guys go broader in topic discussion. 🙂

  10. As an Irishman:
    It was fucking hilarious, I just wanna correct a few things good’ol Grimm said. Firstly Guinness DEFINITELY tastes different. ask anybody who drank in both. ‘Conás áta tú?’ Means ‘How are you?’ in Irish not Hello (‘Dia duit’ is ‘hello’). And the Irish for Irish language is Gaeilge which, Chris Antista, can be spelt without gay haha. Love all the shows guys, skype me for the next Irish cast please :).

  11. this episode was high-stare-ical. wonderful shit. the show keeps getting better and better.

    i know boondock saints is shit, but at the same time I can’t help thinking it’s awesome. I agree with T-Dubs (as I’ve decided to call him) that Dafoe makes the film, and it really is one of his greatest roles.

    I guffawed at various points throughout this podcast, which makes people in the Bronx look at you funny.

    when i get a raise you guys will get a cut of my monthly loot.

  12. I just wanted to thank you guys for this podcast especially, as I listened to it twice while getting through my final drawing project for the quarter. It was hilarious both times.

  13. I think Brett’s disinterest and PCness are starting to irritate me. They clash with the fun that should be Laser Time.

  14. Really nice episode gentlemen. Never seen sons of anarchy nor heard what the IRA was. Looked it up and very interesting. To imagine living in a cell smeared with shit..ugh.

  15. This is the show Michael mentioned, the one about the lewd puppets http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podge_and_Rodge

    Seriously though, as an Irishman, this was hilarious. AND MICHAEL’S MOM LIVES IN THE SAME COUNTY AS ME. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!

    Also, most Irish humor now a days is lewd. Point of example, the terrible Mrs Brown’s Boys

  16. @ Daithi: sshhh! don’t mention Mrs Brown’s Boys, we’ll be an even bigger laughing stock! 🙂

    I never heard Tom Cruise’s accent in Far & Away until I listened to this podcast and my God it’s terrible.

    There’s plenty more good Irish jokes in the Simpsons. Remember the episode where Bart & Milhouse find old episodes of Itchy and Scratchy? There’s the silent cartoon where “Itchy befouls an irishman” and the two are laughing when Milhouse shouts out “Watch out Itchy he’s Irish!” Classic 🙂 That would have been a great sound clip to include in this episode.

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