24 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #4 – Grumpy Old Men

  1. Awesome. I picked up Old Man Logan and Kingdom Come based on your recommendation and I am loving them. This show has finally pushed me into reading comics.

  2. I picked up Gotham Central thanks to their recommendation and Astonishing X-Men (Whedon-Cassaday) and Y: The Last Man thanks to Brett.

    I’ll check out Old Man Logan next.

  3. Moebius will be missed. The Incal man, the Incal.

    I assume that is who you are talking about (Pre-Listen), but if not, well, Moebius should be remembered anyway.

    Anyway, good to see another Cape Crisis, even if it carries with it a somber note.

  4. I think there may be something wrong with the editing at the end… The simpsons bit drowns out the regular conversation, but you can still hear both tracks… or maybe it’s just my download. Either way, great episode! I posted some comments once on Frank Millar’s blog… thing when he went on his rant, and I got chewed out like crazy by other people on the site who supported what he was saying.

    I may have been trolled, but I dunno. It sounded legit.

    Looking forward to the next episode already!

  5. That was a fun episode for the faithful reader.
    Planetary is just as good as Mr. Gilbert proclaims-at it’s best a rival for Watchmen.
    As for a creator who went off the deep end for me that would be Dave Sim.

  6. henry… be careful when you say the words flash animation.
    i animate full frame by frame animation in flash and that’s what i call flash animation.
    motion comics are NOT flash animation.
    at best they could be considered limited animation in its most infantile form.

    also… yes. the cdc episode of TWD was AWEFUUUUUL
    it made since, because the cdc is here in atlanta, but i hate how much the series has changed the story. it’s weak.

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