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What do you do when Bruce Willis is too busy to don a white vest and play a jaded New York private dick? Call in Scott Bakula apparently. But thanks to his Golden Globe award-winning performance in Quantam Leap, we can all just pretend Dr. Sam Beckett has temporarily stepped in to fill Bruno’s shoes for an hour and a half before his next leap to the cover of Playgirl – oh boy! [NSFW WARNING: Three hard-to-make-out nipples!]

Genre: Fantasy/ Horror/ Mystery
Director: Clive Barker
Rated: R
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A band of ex-cult members are tearing ass through the Mojave Desert to rescue a random teeny bopper who’s been kidnapped by crazed cult leader, Nix aka ‘The Puritan.” What sets Nix apart from his delusional counterparts is that he wields the Power of Magic©, like juggling a cheap ass looking fireball from hand to hand, and keeping a pet baboon.

Lord of Illusions Nix

Despite being armed, they fail to take down Nix without the aid of the 12-year-old hostage who had the sense to grab a gun and actually shoot someone. Nix’s protégé, Swann, takes this opportunity to bind him with an intricate ironwork mask that he had prepared earlier, using his own blood as a form of adhesive, and screwing it into his face just to make doubly sure it won’t fall off. And that’s the end of that!

Lord of illusions Nix Binding

Fast forward to New York 13 years later, and enter the office of Harry D’Amour, a private detective with a nose for trouble and the occult. After a few flashbacks to a recent case of possession that seem overly extravagant considering the utter irrelevance to everything that follows, he takes an insurance fraud case that leads him to LA. And boobies.

Lord of Illusions Boobies

But things are never easy when you’re in a horror movie: after the mark leaves his session of debauchery for an urgent engagement with a fucking fortune teller, Harry trails him to an apartment where he promptly gets attacked by a crazy bald guy who really knows how to take a beating. In the next room he finds human pin cushion Quaid, bristling with pointy kitchen utensils.

Lord of Illusions Quaid

Quaid was part of the rescue party back in the desert and one of Nix’s disciples has come to exact revenge. It may have taken him over a decade to pull his finger out, but better late than never.

Lord of Illusions

Quaid somehow manages to stay alive for long enough to give D’Amour a free palm reading before magnanimously deciding to share a shred of pertinent information: The Puritan is coming home and he is not a happy bunny. He promptly pops his clogs, content in the knowledge that he’s just made an innocent man responsible for saving the world.

Lord of Illusions Quaid and harry

Across town (probably), Swann and his giant forehead are now famous, performing feats of illusions in suitably tacky locations. His wife Dorothea, concerned that the pair will be next to snuff it, orders her manservant Valentin to hire D’Amour after seeing his picture in the paper, because hiring someone with no police powers that you know jack shit about is always the best course of action when lives are at stake.

Lord of lllusions Swann and Dorothea

D’Amour arrives in time to accompany Dorothea to Swann’s stage show, involving scantily clad human props and an obscene amount of pyrotechnics. But things start looking up once a death defying trick goes awry and the audience look on as Swann gets a half a dozen broadswords plunged into his appendages whilst the stage hands rush to do absolutely bugger all about it.

Lord of Illusions Swann

D’Amour is left to figure out just what the hell is going on in this crazy town and does some serious poking around in Dorothea’s underpants before getting back on the trail.

Lord of IllusionsBaby got Bakula

The lightening of his balls gives him renewed vigor and he’s soon up to his nipples in occult shit, dealing with faked deaths, campy nut jobs in v-neck tees and skin-tight pants, and resurrected cult leaders that could benefit from a serious facial. (No, not that kind.)

Lord of Illusions The Puritan

Will Harry crack the case? Did they really think that giving Scott Bakula a fake tattoo would make him look more hardcore? And where’s Al when you need him? Consult the Lord of Illusions to find out more.

Lord of Illusions

We dare you to buy Lord of Illusions on DVD!

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  1. God I love you Gigi. “The lightening of his balls gives him renewed vigor and he’s soon up to his nipples in occult shit”. This is probably your best yet. Keep it up babes.

  2. Fuggin awesome. BTW, @ 1:20 in the trailer, Santa is written on the wall. This cult worships Santa! All hail the lord of Christmas! Santa!

  3. “The lightening of his balls gives him renewed vigor…” Hahaha! Gotta love that line. I remember watching this movie as a kid and being amazed. Flash forward a few years and watch it as an adult….it’s still amazing! Especially the special effects. Those hold up even by today’s standards 😉

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