Top Amazon releases for March 27th

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The Muppets
I should probably keep this short, right? Speaking as a giant Muppets fan, I can honestly call this thing “magical.” No, not in that definition Disney misuses to describe things that are memorable or well-preserved. I’m saying this movie has a profoundly weird effect on the people who watch it. Should you hold anything beyond the vaguest recollection of fond times with Jim Henson’s kindhearted creatures of constant failure, this movie will do strange things to you! It’ll dig up emotions long buried and/or never even knew you had. I watched it happen to friends and strangers in the theater. It’s unbelievably embarrassing to watch it happen to myself. The jokes, the songs, the self-parody – it all fucking works, and executed with the utmost sincerity. Shut up. Buy it.

Kid Icarus Uprising
After 20-plus years without a proper sequel, Pit and the Kid Icarus franchise return in Kid Icarus: Uprising. One of the first games announced for the 3DS, this game is an awesome experience that’s worth the wait. Some may hate on the controls, but don’t cotton to those fools. Hank’s got more to say right here.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Wow… I can’t believe it took this movie to nominate Gary “Goddamned” Oldman for an Oscar. Throughout his amazing career the guy’s done Shakespeareplayed a southern space tyrant, Dracula, Beethoven, Lee Harvey Oswald, a martyred wizard, a wigger, the greatest DEA agent of all time, and a fucking midget, yet it took seeing him portray an English government employee in a remake of a 1970s TV program for the The Academy to remove their monciles in disbelief and exclaim “Oh, ra-tha!” The best reason to buy this one is that it’s been almost impossible to pirate. Not a single torrent I could find had the proper subtitles. Jesus, what a horrible reason to recommend purchasing this legitimately…

Ridge Racer Unbounded  360  |  PS3
Did some new console I’m unaware of get launched this week?




Battle Royale
Man, and I thought this once-controversial little film was finally getting the respect it deserves, but then I recently learned what The Hunger Games was about. Turns out once Hollywood makes its own movie about kids pitted against one another in fights to the death for public spectacle, the looooooooong-unavailable Battle Royale is finally acceptable for Western restoration and enjoyment. So yeah, think Hunger Games, with a hard throbbing-hard R-rating from Japan and… that’s it really. You should probably be sold already

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Quite liked this one. Not sure if I understand what all the fuss is about, but Fincher’s version certainly is beautiful. The title sequence alone made me miss the entire medium of music videos for the first time in ten years:

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
Comedian David Cross has gone on record that filming this was the worst experience of his professional career, but what does he know? We love hearing creepy animated rodents sing high pitched hits from two years ago. Plus Chipwrecked finally had the balls to parody Cast Away, a film that long had it coming… for at least ten years.


From time to time in your life you’re going to be told to check out something old, and you’re not going to want to. Now, you gamers out there should take note that this isn’t always a bad thing. “I’m not gonna play Super Mario 3! That game came out like 12 year before… oh, this is really cool.” I can assure you, Casablanca not only holds up as good, it’s continuously held aloft as a masterpiece because it’s unlike anything made then and now.  You may think you know the ending from seeing that “hill of beans” speech parodied over and over, but I bet you don’t. I can assure you this movie rules, and the ending is one of the most unHollywood things I’ve ever seen.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13  360  |  PS3
I’m not going to waste your nor my time recommending a fucking golf game to you. If you’re going to buy it anyway, do it through us goddamn it! It’ll kick us less than you’ll end up paying EA to RENT DLC from this game.


South Park: The Complete 15th Season
South Park proved in season 15 that it still can be one of the best shows on TV when it wants to be. Though some episodes in this season are hit or miss, the two parter You’re Getting Old/Ass Burgers should be required viewing for an entire generation. They rang true for many (including us) battling the ravages of age and cynicism.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City  360  |  PS3
Who are you gonna believe, so-called “professional” reviewers or the fine people who pay Brett? I think the choice is clear.



Ninja Gaiden 3
Every time I saw this game looming over the horizon, I just sorta groan to myself and say “Oh, just give up already.” Looks like they finally did! Although, you’re still gonna have to pay full price for it.



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14 thoughts on “Top Amazon releases for March 27th

  1. I know what you mean, I cried at the beginning of The Muppets, Yet I still have no idea why. Something about that movie just yanked a emotional string in me so hard, never thought I had something like that.

  2. Sadly there isn’t anything on this list I want or need but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to support you guys. I love my LT and the rest. Look at all the crappy fan-art I made! That is real love lol.

  3. Unfortuantely as of right now there’s nothing on Amazon I can justify buying for myself but as soon as there is I sure as hell will link to it through Laser Time. On that note, I just bought a Laser Time t-shirt which I can’t wait to get in the mail!

  4. Love LaserTime, VGMpire, Cape Crisis, and ordering things from Amazon. I’ll try to order more from this site, even if it’s like a pack of gum.

  5. FUCK YES FINALLY! I’ve been waiting to get the muppets for a bit, since it’s one of my favs of 2011 (behind Crazy Stupid Love) and my chicago side of the family loved the muppets. Speaking of which, while most of you Laser Timers will be in Boston, i will be in Chicago with family.

    Lastly, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? Or Girl with the dragon tatoo? Which to order?

  6. The intro to Dragon Tattoo is incredible. Love the “Immigrant Song” cover combined with the wicked visuals. Got goosebumps watching it in the theater. Fincher is the fucking man!

  7. I still really want to buy that Resident Evil, but it is still waaaay to damn expensive. I wonder if this is the last we are going to hear of Slant Six? I actually liked those Socom PSP games.

  8. Really need to check out that Oldman movie. That Muppets is fantastic as well, bought it sight unseen when it came out and man does it ever just inspire happiness.

  9. Bought the Muppets to help support the site. Saw it in the theater and loved it. Memories of my childhood and the Muppets Show flooded me. Great times.

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