7 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 18 – The Sinister Sounds of Silent Hill

  1. Great! Been anticipating a SH episode since VGMpire began. Eager to hear Brett’s take on the series, especially since (as I understand) he seemingly avoided a “dark music” phase as a teen, and I always felt the two were one in the same; being an angsty teen and burning a CD featuring NIN, Tool, Korn, etc. but also including Yamaoka.

    Although my interest in those bands has really waned, Akira Yamaoka never left my music collection. So, I’m excited!

  2. This was an especially interesting podcast music wise, never checked out this series before or really anything that Yamaoka did the music on. Think I will fix that and pick up Shadows of the Damned this weekend finally.

  3. Whoa, funny coincidence, but I was listening to the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack when this post went up! Akira Yamaoka is amazing, and I’m looking forward to listening to this one.

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