Watch us Wrestle LIVE

[UPDATE: Thanks to all for the Watch n’ Chat! Our playthrough of the laughably horrendous WWF In Your House and WCW/NWO Thunder resides below.] Chris, Brett, Hank, Dave and Grimm are taking on several PlayStation 1 “classics” right before your very eyes! Feel free to participate in the chat below


52 thoughts on “Watch us Wrestle LIVE

    1. Only joined at the very end but that seemed pretty great, would love seeing the occasional livestream from yous guys.

  1. I stayed up way past my midwest bedtime for this, now I have to pray to Jesus and scourge myself-totally worth it!

  2. Awesome stuff. Brilliant idea to stream. Could not contain my laughter here while iw as at work. Cant wait till next time.

  3. LOVED IT…………………..Next do one of the other shitty PSX games I pawned off to you at PAX like Rugrats: the search for Reptar. Hell I can send Simpsons Wrestling or Legends of Wrestling to you guys.

  4. That was just what i needed to offset a shitty day.

    If I had my way there would be a Hoof Hearted vs Hulk Hogan statue somewhere.

  5. I’ve haven’t laughed at something that hard in while. You guys normally crack me up but I had to pause first during the Golddust idle animation and again when the horse had the bat. I’m in physical pain at this point from laughter as I’ve now shed a tear and my jaw and lungs hurt like hell. Thank you. Please do more of these.

  6. NOOOO I missed it ;_;!

    This only reinforces the fact that I need to stay on my computer at all times.

  7. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, honestly. Every time I thought “right, that’s enough for now” something even more stupid would happen, you guys would shit yourselves laughing, and I would too. Awesome.

  8. I thought i was going to die when Brett pointed out how creepy the horse looked walking around the ring. The funniest thing i watched all week.

  9. This was hilarious – I don’t even miss that other thing that used to happen on Fridays anymore! The king is dead… long live the king!

  10. That was fucking amazing, you guys need to get together for more live streams like this in the future.

  11. I couldn’t give two dicks about wrestling, but the opportunity to listen to you guys have fun brings a smile to my face. Do more of these please.

  12. I haven’t laughed this much at gameplay footage since… well since Chris Brett and Grimm ran through crappy Virtual Console fighting games on a certain other website. Laughing at a mostly deceased group of people has never been so much fun. You guys have got to do more of these.

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