PAXshures – Pictures from PAX East!

Cosplayers, big ass booths and gaming galore from the PAX East 2012 showfloor!

Again, a trillion thanks to those who showed up for the LIVE Laser Time show! The episode should go live very soon. Oh, and did you get a picture with the Laser Time squadron? Tweet it to us, or tag us on Facebook and we’ll post an update here!

14 thoughts on “PAXshures – Pictures from PAX East!

  1. fun photo’s i wish there was a way to view them that didn’t involve clicking each individually and then clicking back though…

  2. Hey everybody expect a video to go along with the PAX East cast very soon too! Yo Chris since I didn’t have a boom mic I’m going to sync up your cast with the footage, if there’s a problem with that let me know, thanks!

    Oh and thanks to everyone for being cool peoples at PAX, I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, it went by way too fast!

  3. God dammit! Why do I have to live in Canada and be poor and and…well pretty much just that lol.

    That Mario 3 game interests me, but since when did Mattel have anything to do with Mario?

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