PAXshures – Pictures from PAX East!

Cosplayers, big ass booths and gaming galore from the PAX East 2012 showfloor!

Again, a trillion thanks to those who showed up for the LIVE Laser Time show! The episode should go live very soon. Oh, and did you get a picture with the Laser Time squadron? Tweet it to us, or tag us on Facebook and we’ll post an update here!

14 thoughts on “PAXshures – Pictures from PAX East!

  1. fun photo’s i wish there was a way to view them that didn’t involve clicking each individually and then clicking back though…

  2. Got to meet Chris and Brett at the Westin bar, and they were TOTALLY great about handling my incoherent whiskey stream of babble.

    Made my pax, and can’t wait for the live show to post!

    Here’s Brett and I.

  3. Hey everybody expect a video to go along with the PAX East cast very soon too! Yo Chris since I didn’t have a boom mic I’m going to sync up your cast with the footage, if there’s a problem with that let me know, thanks!

    Oh and thanks to everyone for being cool peoples at PAX, I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, it went by way too fast!

  4. God dammit! Why do I have to live in Canada and be poor and and…well pretty much just that lol.

    That Mario 3 game interests me, but since when did Mattel have anything to do with Mario?

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