29 thoughts on “Laser Time LIVE: The Movie!

        1. it’s a Canon Vixia HF M30, it’s not in production anymore that’s how I got a good deal on it, plus it was at an employee discount, but I really like it except for the touch screen interface and the battery it came with only lasts 100 minutes BUT Canon offers external batteries and other accessories so if you can find it I highly recommend it

    1. I was on top of a bench, and to get low shots I had to carefully bend my knees and press my ass against the big window behind me, Alex thought for sure I was going to crash right through the window…which would have been an interesting story whether I lived through that or not lol

  1. WOOHOO, I’M IN A MOVIE!! So cool to see all this stuff again. I made a bunch of new friends that evening and I get to see myself meeting them again for the first time. Pretty cool. The live Laser Time (and hanging out at the bar afterward) was hands down the best part of PAX East, and that’s sayin’ a lot. Thanks again to Chris and Brett for hanging out with all of us and thanks to the RA crew for recording all of it. Hopefully next year Henry, Grimm, and Tyler can be there too.

  2. Thanks so much for recording this! It means so much for those of us who couldn’t be there or have never been. Thanks bigtime to Chris and Brett for hosting!

    1. convince them to hire me on as their crew and maybe we can make this happen lol

      but seriously I wouldn’t mind this turning into a vidcast, it would sort of be like when the Howard Stern show had that television show for a while

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