20 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #10 – Sunday Funnies

  1. I just finished my high school freshman essay on Watchmen (it’s horrible) but thanks for inspiring me to do it on a comic book Henry!

  2. Wow, never really considered myself that much of a youngster but I was born in 86. Nice episode…and as a sign of my age Mike will always be better than Joel in my opinion.

  3. Just got back from watching The Avengers. Looking forward to this. How come it isn’t on iTunes yet?

  4. Here in the midwest all we get are them daily strips and them color-fied Sabbath strips are a blessing farted out of Jaysis’s holy sphincter!

  5. Why on Earth is Streets of Rage music running through half the show? Why the Hell hasn’t Brett done a whole Yuzo Koshiro VGMpire yet?

    Empire was he first movie I ever saw, when I was three. I was born two weeks before Star Wars came out, so I didn’t get to be in the theater when my mom saw that, but I still remember seeing Empire. For a long time I thought the Wampa stuck Luke’s feet in his Tauntaun’s horns in the ceiling, because the ice looked like horns. And I remember Vader pulling stuff off the walls and Force throwing it at Luke at the end, which was sort of scary at three. Do you know how many important things I can’t remember that happened recently, and I still remember stupid movies from when I was three? I was old enough to remember going to see Jedi several times in the theater, which is probably the only movie I ever saw more than once in the theater.

  6. Hmm, I saw Avengers on Thursday and there was no Dark Knight Rises trailer. Oh well, might just be in the US of A.

    Chew is totally in development for TV! I’m not sure we’ll ever see it, but it has so much potential.

    1. yeah i watched it yesterday and no dark knight trailer either. What happens after the credits is epic 😀

  7. Thank you Henry for rekindling my love for comics i have been supporting my local comic shop[ located conveniently next to my high school i have recently bought: Kingdom Come, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Batman: Knightfall, also a sweet-ass deadpool bust. Please continue this podcast forever <3 Ethan

  8. My brothers LCD upscales movie frame rates. Movies have the appearance of daytime soap operas. 24 fps movies may exhibit blurring, but they “look” like movies. I’ve never read a comic, but I love the podcast!

    1. Oh, and a hearty slap on the back to whoever inserted the theme for The Avengers (British TV series that’s the reason the film’s retitled to ‘Marvel Avengers Assemble’ here) at the end of segment one! 😛

  9. Howard Huge reference and “Shylock Fox” makes for many lolz. Parade magazine sucks so hard. Mention of rape…aaaaaand check. Great episode fellas!

  10. family circus is the worst. i just want to shoot them all except the mom she seems cool.

    1. oh yeah just got my laser time podcast t-shirt. to quote hollywood hulk hogan it’s “too sweeeeeet”

  11. Curse my cotton-filled ears for mishearing you! When you were talking about Chew being adapted for TV, initially I thought you said “Shoe”. Hopes dashed! I really wanted my weekly, televised dose of a hard-drinkin’, cigar-chompin’ purple martin newspaper editor and his wacky cohorts!

    Worst comic strip? It’s got to be Gasoline Alley! Was this thing relevant and interesting in 1918? It sure as hell isn’t today!

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