Cape Crisis #12 – Avenger Spoilers Assemble!!!

After seeing the Avengers the usual Cape Crisis crew can’t shut up about it. We first run down the week’s news, then in the second segment we go hard and heavy into Avengers movie talk. Don’t listen to that half until you’ve seen the movie. We love you.











Cape Crisis #12 Listener Question – What did you love/hate about The Avengers??

27 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #12 – Avenger Spoilers Assemble!!!

  1. I knew you guys wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to talk about it. Can’t wait to hear the sheer fanboy glee.

  2. I loved the cast, the writing, the direction, and the visuals. Joss Whedon’s script was clever, funny, and left little room for plot holes. Everybody was on their A-game; no weak link in the cast, including Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner. Especially Johansson, who really shined during her moments. Action was proof that Whedon can do an action movie and allow all of his stars ample time to look like badasses.

  3. Listener Question Response
    A friend and I had a similar at length discussion of about the uselessness of the Hulk Trap

    I love the line in the Thanos reveal: “To Court Death” and the fact that it came a second before he turned around, that second where everyone in the know knew who it was before all the plebs saw the man in the rubber mask.

  4. While I loved the Avengers and thought it was one of the best movies in AGES there aren’t really many things to “spoil” in this movie. Except for the post credits thing I guess

  5. Also what I loved the most was probably that every character got their moment without the movie feeling like it was rushing things along unnecessarily

  6. I loved how they portrayed Black Widow, see wasn’t well done in Iron Man 2. But in this film she was one of my favorite characters and Scarlett Johansson’s performance was top notch. It also helps that she is the best looking women in the world. My only tiny problem with the film that Hawkeye could have been given more screen time. Apart from that the film was perfect

  7. Awesome episode guys. Longest episode yet but it felt like the shortest, I could listen to avengers talk forever.

  8. I’m with Brett, I really wanted to see an Ultron tease.
    The Thanos reveal deflated me a bit because if he’s the baddie in Avengers 2, wouldnt an Ultron movie for Avengers 3 be a bit of a step back? It should have been Ultron = Avengers 2 and then Thanos = Avengers 3.
    Also I’m in love with Ultron’s head. So iconic.

  9. this was a great episode!
    the energy you guys all had
    i could hear in your voices just how much you enjoyed this.
    i like that level of positive reaction.

  10. Incredible movie, incredible podcast, ’nuff said. And during the first after-credits sequence, all I could think was, “Man, I bet Brett is gonna lose his shit over this on Cape Crisis.” I’m glad to see that I was right.

  11. i loved the avengers just watched it for the second time
    i love the banter between the characters it was fucking funny and seemed like something people would really say and i can not think of better actors to play anyone

    tony stark is a bad ass

  12. Ok I downloaded infinity gauntlet, and I’m gonna look for infinity quest. What else should I read of thanos to get a good background. On the wiki he has lots of appearances, I just need recommendations on which are most important.

  13. I’m a grown man and I had tears in my eyes many times in this movie of the sheer epicness. One time for example was just seeing the transforming The Avengers title in 3D in front of me on the huge IMAX screen. EPIC MOVIE with a few hilarious comedy scenes thrown in too! Loved it.

  14. Great episode. I loved avengers, really enjoyed hearing you guys talk about it. Also thanks Brett for recommending infinity gauntlet back on talkradar. Because of that I knew what the credits teaser was about.

  15. Great episode Hank! I loved your spoiler talk about the Avengers. I saw it opening weekend and it really is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I agree that the Hulk vs Thor fight was amazing. One of my favorite parts is when Hulk tries to pick up Thor’s hammer and can’t! He is soo upset that he cant pick it up! I’m also glad you talked about the one continuous shot that travels between all the different Avengers battling in different parts of the city. I loved that shot and thought it was one of the best action shots I have ever seen.

    A couple things I don’t think you mentioned that I really liked were the Galaga reference and when Tony Stark prods Mark Ruffalo and then looks into his eyes to see if he is getting angry.

    All in all, a great episode! Keep up the great work!

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