37 thoughts on “Laser Time – Stingers

    1. I have to admit, I was pretty tingly when I started listening! Thanks for the awesome show, Chris & crew!

  1. No mention of the NES version of Twinbee? I’m outraged!

    I didn’t think Green Lantern was too bad, but the alien watcher guys looked terrible mixed with the live action guys. And Sinestro looked sort of CG, too. And with a name like Sinestro I guess he has to turn bad later, but I’m not very familiar with DC stories.

  2. Lol this is like the third podcast where you guys keep saying Green Lantern was not that bad but it really was. Sorry.

  3. RE: The Incredible Hulk stinger

    There’s a short on the Thor blu-ray titled “The Consultant” which makes that whole RDJ scene make sense, and why he’s talking to General Ross at the end. It’s a minor thing, but if you’re a continuity stickler it’s very nice.

    There’s another short on the Captain America blu-ray called “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor’s Hammer”, which has nothing to do with continuity, but has Coulson being awesome.

    You people should check ’em out. They’ll be on Youtube, they’re both awesome.

    1. Yep, I actually mentioned those as well and even posted links to them in the summer blockbuster episode two weeks ago. Though evidently none of these guys paid attention to them 😛

  4. Another great show guys, didn’t think it could top the scat episode last week but you have

  5. Heh, it amused me when Hank said he was surprised to see about half of the people in the theater leaving before the first avenger’s stinger on his second going…

    Back here in Mexico? on opening day around 85% of the people left the theater before the stinger came up. And when i went to watch it again this weekend, about 95% of the people left. It was pretty much just me and around 12 or so people left.

    1. I’m deeply sorry. There’s no way in hell I forgot that one, hell I even captured it! We just ran long and I couldn’t squeeze it in. FUCK!

  6. I left Avengers after I saw the first stinger, cause I had heard about there being one, and I thought that was all there would be. Assumed that if there was another one it would be on youtube, anyway (it was).

  7. I’ve always enjoyed the Stingers I guess you’d call them in “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist”

    I believe there was one that was basically a trailer for a sequel and a similar reprisal of a dead character who was actually just lying there because it faded to black and a vulture showed up.

    Similar in retrospect to Austin Powers with Will Farrel, but with more dubbing.

  8. So right about those King of the Hill replays! My fave is from the episode with Chris Rock as the traffic school comedian, before he goes onstage you hear the closing punchline of another comic, all you get to hear is,

    “Now that’s what I call general haberdashery!”

    It still blows my mind to think of what could have possibly set up that line.

  9. Hey Henry,

    Thanks for spoiling “A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”… other than that, loved the episode as usual.

    You should do a Laser Time clip show!

  10. How could you guys forget Venture Bros and Community? If you’re going to include the snip of dialogue at the end of King of the Hill…

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