Cape Crisis #13 – The Gauntlet has been thrown

We can’t stop talking about the Avengers! Also, web-swinging Stan Lee, surprising returns, and hokey old comics…











Cape Crisis #13 Listener Question – What hokey old comics do you love despite how silly they are??

26 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #13 – The Gauntlet has been thrown

  1. Hooray for more Avengers! Also I would just like to say that between Comixology and this podcast, I’ve gone from never having read comics to reading them everyday. I’m also much poorer now.

  2. I slept all day today and woke up to this. Goes to show your that being lazy leads to rewards.

  3. May I suggest Animal Man, which recently came out in trade as well? Probably my favorite of the new DCU stuff.

  4. I still don’t read comics, but listening to this bunch talk about anything I’ve heard them talk about is entertaining. I wish they’d get on a game podcast again.

  5. I thought Loki was influencing the scientist and thats what made it possible for Loki to come in Avengers.

    Also seeing the avengers again, I hate The kids at the end with Avengers toys.

      1. A little asian girl holds up a thors toysrus hammer. Yes I hated it.
        Thors been to earth twice in isolated incidents, and yet she has his hammer?

        1. You’d be amazed to see how fast merchandise can come out of a popular or important event. A single mere day after, hours even.

          Besides, how is that a reason enough to “hate” a small kid that barely appeared in a single shot of the movie? It didn’t affect the plot whatsoever. So isn’t “hating” that somewhat petty?

          Also, what I meant at first is tat you are kinda eager to use the word “hate” when really, what you probably mean is just “dislike”. Unless you really hate and are obsessed with such trivial facts, in which case you would be a sad, sad man.

  6. That cover of Sabbath’s Iron Man is great. It was a nice touch having RDJ wear the T-shirt in the movie too.

  7. You guys should dedicated an episode on superheroes weaknesses, superman and kryptonite, green lanter and yellow. Anyways greart show as always.

  8. Feel free to continue discussing the Avengers, I will never get tired of that. The only time I might object is when I’m poor because I’ve spent all my money seeing Avengers repeatedly.

  9. I am totally OK with more Avengers talk :). Listening to Henerey ;), and all you talk about buying digital comics really makes me think seriously about making the switch…even though I, like you Chris with movie and t.v. collections, am very into owning the physical object. I had a free trial of access to Marvel’s digital comics inventory a few months ago, and I have to say, I loved having access to comics whenever I wanted, in the comfort of my own home. Except that they were slow to update issues at times, aaannndd sometimes the page layout was maddening to try to read but that was only a minor problem. I think I would miss going down to my LCS and browsing though… Love you guys, keep up the good work on this and Lasertime :).

  10. The City of Heroes comics, they only had a limited run, but they were really good for what were essentially 30 page advertisements for an MMORPG.

  11. I love this podcast, but Henry, you really need to cool it with the “C’mon guyyyyyys, let’s get back on track”. Every time you do that, I can’t help but think of the kid from Troll 2: “Concentrate hardeeeeeeer!” I honestly think if you let things play out more organically, the show would benefit AND it would be longer(the only reall complaint I have is both Lasertime and Cape Crisis are too short). Anyway, hope I didn’t sound like too much of a dick. Keep up the funniness, guys.

  12. Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me, but your Cape Crisis Recommendations don’t show up. I’m trying to find some new series, and I would love to see what you recommend.

  13. Great show Hank. I just wanted to comment to say that I finished reading the Infinity Gauntlet series for the first time. This was motivated in part by your podcast and in part of seeing Thanos at the end of Avengers and wondering who the hell he is. Infinity Gauntlet was incredible though! I loved all 6 of the issues (ending was a little weak) but the battle with Thanos was incredible. I cant believe how many superheroes are viciously and graphically killed! Everything is reset to normal later though so all is right.

    Thanks for the podcast, just wanted to share.

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