40 thoughts on “Laser Time – F’ed up Japan

  1. While listening to the beginning of this podcast, I put some spaghetti-o’s in the microwave. As I return from grabbing the food, I hear Chris say “tubgirl” and immediately put them back in the fridge.

  2. Good timing, what with the return of Toonami and all. You know, this could logically lead into the frequently discussed “Godzillasode” (*wink*). That is a road I would happily travel down with you gentlemen.

  3. レーザー時は偉大な正義のために聞いたであろう。輝く光のロボットの効果音はクリスのキュートな要因である。


  4. toonami lives online @ TOONAMI AFTERMATH. –> toonamiaftermath.com

    also… i don’t think i would call anime mainstream.

    i dunno why you guys don’t do an animation podcast!
    there are like 3 out there and of them only ONE updates with any regularity. :/

    the thing you have to understand about the japanese is… they’re nationalists.
    they pretty much don’t give a damn about anyone else except themselves.
    they would sooner help a japanese person from a house fire over an american in the same fire

  5. This was a pretty damn interesting episode! Never been to Japan myself (never let Europe for that matter), but perhaps I should someday.
    I confess I zoned out a bit in the anime talk near the end, but I guess not every topic will apeal to everyone.

  6. Cool episode! And nice to hear that Mikel is also a fan of the Hunger Games Books! I liked the entire section in which you guys talked both about Battle Royale and HG, and didn’t lambast one against the other.

    Also, it amuses me that you guys are still hung up on talking shit about the people that didn’t like the ME3 ending. Specially since the comparison with Evangelion is stupid. NGE was already a pretentious, depressing piece of shit to begin with, so the ending it ultimately got was fitting. And wasn’t the shift of tone and logic that the ME3 one was.

  7. Really enjoyed this. Even made me decide to go to Naruto Ramen for dinner (not going for the ramen though, way too overpriced and it’s only ok. Getting their chicken teriaki [sp?] instead, it’s way good).

  8. You hafta mosaic the genitals!! The Legend of the Mystical Ninja was one of my favorite snes games, such tremendous music.

  9. If I could give this episode a rating, it would be (prepare for overused joke in 3…2…1..) OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. To hear a Nujabes/Shing02 song on a descendant of Talkradar–to have two of my favorite things combined–was unbelievable. I never thought it would happen. Thank you.

  11. I love all the making-Henry-sick stuff. Nothing against Hank, but vivid descriptions of the Tubgirl picture are hilarious. Had to pause it so I wouldn’t distract my coworkers. Also, I had to wipe my eyes since I was laughing so hard they were watering. Again. Keep up the great work guys. I rove Raser Time!

  12. I first I thought the title of the episode was “Fed Up Japan”…like you were fed up with Japan and their crazy ways. LOL

    Great episode. I actually went and watched Battle Royale again right after listening to your discussion about it. I watched it years ago and loved it, but haven’t seen it (or even thought about it) in awhile and went back and watched my friends old DVD of it. That movie is incredible.

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