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Sherlock: Season Two
Umm… I kind of consider this the best thing I’ve seen all year. Seriously, and I’m no Sherlock fanboy, and I really hate those fucking Guy Ricthie films. I have a passing familiarity with the book series, but I never though I’d give a shit about a show that brought them into the modern age. Turns out, this “miniseries” (three 90-minute episodes per season) is fast, funny and fucking clever even while staying incredibly authentic to the books. I can’t recommend this series enough. Watch it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier  360 |  PS3
War! It just keeps on coming… If modern military shooter are your bag, this is a pretty goddamned glitzy game. I’m told the singleplayer story is nothing to write home about, but the devil is in the details. The visuals, even the procedural animations, are fucking gorgeous, and the weapon customization is so goddamned thorough and worthwhile, it adds a ton of value to unlocking stuff in the mutliplayer and Guerrilla (Horde) mode while virtually ensuring no two players play exactly the same. Oh! And it has Kinect support and I played the game with a hand puppet. More on that later, hopefully…

The Secret World of Arrietty
I’m thoroughly behind anything Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli ever want to do, but I thought this was a rather bizarre choice to adapt. Almost everything they do is utterly original, but this is based on a book that has been adapted to TV and film fairly recently (1997), and okay, up until writing this piece I had actually assumed it was based on the 80s cartoon, The Littles (It’s not.) But this thing, like all Ghibli films, performed incredibly well with critics and audiences, so you can bet your ass I’m seeing it. Better still, each newly released Miyazaki film means we’re getting more of his old output remastered on Blu-ray. More on that below.

Dragon’s Dogma  360  |  PS3
I haven’t seen this game in almost a year, but I was certainly ridiculously excited for it when it was announced. And that’s not just because it’s coming from the folks who gave us Resident Evil 4 (although that”s certainly a giant factor.) Thing is, I’ve always wanted to get into Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, but it’s neither taken hold, nor come to the appropriate platform here in the US. I know what it is, I know what it does, and fucks sake I want to play it on PS360, consarnit! This looks as if Capcom’s trying to go all Monster Hunter on a smaller, singleplayer scale, and I’m still pretty psyched to play it. Oh yeah, and FREE RESIDENT EVIL 6 DEMO!

Red Tails
This here’s been a passion project of George Lucas’, concerning black dude flying planes in WWII, has been up his craw for a couple of decades, and he’s finally gotten it off the ground. Most folks didn’t seem to give a shit, because perhaps, they’re like me and had HBO in the mid-90s, thus have endured repeat viewings of The Tuskegee Airmen!


Mario Tennis Open
Seeing Mario repeatedly do anything but collect stars and coins can be a bit tiring for the Nintendo fanboy, but at least every time he’s tossed into some weird ass sporting event it’s been strangely wonderful. That is, until this the last five years… Mario Sluggers began the decline, which continued into Mario All-Star Sports Mix (although that game is responsible for one of the funniest things Brett and I have ever done, IMO.) But I hold out hope that this 3DS game can rekindle the love I have for Mario Golf, and even past Mario Tennis games. What say you? The game’s been out for a couple of days, right?

Castle in the Sky
Laputa! Don’t ask me to recant the plot, but this is probably my personal fav of Miyazaki films. The looks is absolutely astounding, and it’s steampunky, sky castley atmosphere is something I’ve disappeared into countless time while baked a decade ago. Can’t wait to check it out on Blu-ray!


Lethal Weapon Collection
Getting to old for this shit? That’s debatable. Danny Glover may as well have been born elderly, and Mel Gibson is more likely getting too racist, misogynistic, and antisemitic for this shit. Dare I say he’s nearing being too SUPER VILLAINY FOR THIS SHIT?!? Whatever, here’s four perfectly enjoyable action flicks in HD for $50.


You got PlayStation Move? I see you there, the kid in the back wearing the hat that says “Buyer’s Remorse.” Knock the dust of those glowing, interactive marital aids and cast some spells n’ shit, why dontcha!



The Best of WCW: Clash of Champions
I know I’ve been stroking a wrasslin’ nostaglia rod ever since Laser Time’s Wrestling Buddies episode, and watching a ton of WWF documentaries (Get the F back in!) But did you hear Cape Crisis this week?! Henry introduced us to the Botchamania Youtube series, we’ve all been hooked on it ever since, and it led to probably the longest, non-comic related tangents Cape Crisis has ever known. Whatever, I thought I’d include it here.

Men in Black: Alien Crisis
You know… you gotta love Activision for shit like this. When a new Call of Duty game comes out, it’s mainstream news. The whole world knows about it. Then, the company also drops shit like this or Battleship without warning, which slips completely under the radar, with no one noticing until the millisecond it’s available for sale. Hey man, I’d like to know if there’s a MIB game out there, even if it’s shitty!

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27 thoughts on “Top Amazon releases for May 22nd

  1. Oh yeah, Sherlock is an amazing show 🙂 Cannot wait for more, but I’m glad they take their time to make it awesome.
    Secret World of Arrietty was a good movie! Think I’ll actually pick that up, didn’t realize it was coming out this week already.

  2. Well, I was planning on buying Dragon’s Dogma anyway. MAY AS WELL SUPPORT LASERETIME WHILE I DO IT.

    (For serious, I go through here before I even visit the Amazon site just to be SURE you’ll get something if I end up making a purchase. Thanks for the laughs, gang!)

  3. Sherlock is straight up awesome. Buy the DVD and then you’ll be ready for season two, which is on PBS right now. It’ll air under the Masterpiece Mystery label…in case you’re having trouble searching for it to try to DVR it.

  4. The Thanos stinger and subsequent Avenger discussions across the lasertime podcast network (here’s looking at you definitely piqued my interest. Have heard many good things about Infinity Gauntlet…what better time/place to check it out!

  5. Let’s see. So far I’ve gotten Infinity Gauntlet, X-statix, Untold stories of Spiderman, Irredeemable and Incorruptible volumes, The Boys, Max Payne 3, and probably more comic volumes I can’t think of right now. I’m thinking I might be getting the lethal weapon series. Or just get more comics after cape crisis comes out…

  6. Did anybody else pop a chubby when they saw The Nature Boy cowering in fear of Sting? I know I did.

  7. I had been hoping to buy Sherlock in the next week or two, so I’m glad you guys posted this. The guilt of spending money that I don’t quite have is lessened knowing that I am helping you guys in an incredibly minimal fashion.

  8. Best believe I’ll be hoppin’ on dat Best of WCW: Clash of Champions blu-ray. Never thought they’d release classic footage from a former competitor.

  9. still waiting on the link to yadda yadda, im hoping to at least buy a t-shirt sometime after june 20th, wallet willing, keep up the good work!

  10. I just purchased Sherlock: Season 2 for my sister, but rest assured, I most certainly plan on viewing it myself. I have heard countless wonderful things about Sherlock, and now I hear that Laser Time is endorsing it, as well… The greatest seal of approval of them all! I must partake in this most wonderful thing!

  11. I want to play another game with a Dragon and support Capcom and Laser Time and Ponies and Firemen

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