25 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #14 – Gayest Show Ever

  1. Yay for the gay! I started reading Young Avengers a few years ago specifically because I was interested in seeing how they treated the gay characters they introduced within it and was happy that they were fun, cool heroes.

  2. People think Henry is dismissive of DC because one of the few times he talked about it on twitter he ended the discussion with #marvelzombieforlife. That tends to indicate an unwillingness to look at other works.

  3. I always love when Chris goes on Disney tangents. He brought me back into the House of Mouse. Thanks for that Chris.

  4. I knew this would be it
    joseph gordon levitt could be nightwing or batman beyond esque thing in dark knight rises.

  5. That was surprisingly tasteful considering Chris’s presence 🙂

    I wan’t to track down that Simpsons Zombies book now.

  6. The problem with minority characters always seems to be that the focus is always on their non-white, non-male, or non-straightness. That’s frequently true in real life, too, but sometimes you find someone with minority status that seems normal. Maybe they’re out there in media, but I don’t remember ever coming across someone gay in any media that doesn’t always have to act gay to justify the fact that the creators made them gay, instead of just saying they’re gay and then getting on with normal activities.

    My girlfriend doesn’t know the Simpsons that well, or like them a whole lot, but she does like watching old movies, so whenever we watch an old movie that the has a Simpsons connection I get a chance to show her the good old days of Simpsons when they had definite influences. We just watched “Homer vs the 18th Amendment” after watching the Untouchables (not a definite parody, but there’s enough similarity.) I only own up to the eighth season on DVD, since that was as far as the good ones went, but I watched through the tenth or eleventh, and got to see the terrible decline into uninspired, crappy storylines.

  7. When Chris said the guy from the Big Bang Theory came out, I for some reason heard “The guy from The Big Lebowski” which completely changed that conversation.

  8. Before the reboot, all the Flash’s (Flashes?) have been somewhat defined by a relationship with a woman. Jay Garrick was married to Joan for 60 years. Barry was married to Iris for 60 years (although both have been dead at one time or another). Wally started off as a womanizing play boy before getting a wife and kids. Bart doesn’t count.

    New 52, Barry and Jay have both had their hearts broken by woman, Barry is going out with his lab assistant, and Jay is single. Wally hasn’t turned up yet, so maybe he will be the copout. He was the Flash. He had a gay best friend. Etc.

  9. Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me, but your Cape Crisis Recommendations don’t show up. I’m trying to find some new series, and I would love to see what you recommend.

  10. Ok, Hear me out, what if it’s Superman? I know DC won’t have the stones to do it, and later it would probably be due to Purple Kryptonite or something. Superman is the boy scout poster boy for white, intolerant “head in the sand” America. No moral ambiguity, no questionable decisions. Every moral crisis either someone else makes the call, or they a third option to fix everything. You can probably tell I’m not a big fan of Supes, but it would be a good choice. Here’s a guy with perfect parents (the Kents) a great job that takes him all over the world, and every super power kids dream of when they’re little. How does anyone relate to that character? Make him the gay super hero.

  11. It could be one of the Teen Titans, so they could give Bunker a love interest. It could even be Robin, I definitely think of him as an iconic character.

  12. Best episode in a while. Everything I love. Mike Grimm. The Simpsons. Random but impassioned tangents. Mild hilarity. Everything.

  13. you know what?…
    i was listening to all the CC episodes in full for my thrid time.
    what a marathon!
    but in this episode you made a very false statement.
    you said “there are even less gay characters in manga” I assume you mean than in US comics, and to that I say very VERY false.
    but I would also assume you guys don’t read the comment sections of past episodes. so… no need in telling you to look up Yaoi and Yuri.
    I don’t read them, but I have a few female friends that love that stuff to death.
    it’s all very popular. the US comic industry is ignoring a huge reading audience.
    their loss, japans gain

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