40 thoughts on “Laser Time – Animated Vanity

  1. Fantastic! This might help me get over my mad urge to see The Avengers a third time tonight thanks to a ton of Cape Crisis.

  2. Positive Comment!! I have fond memories of Life with Louie despite not actually having any memories of it. Being a chubster myself growing up it was nice to see another kid in the same boat. Bobbie’s world on the other hand just irritated me to no end.

  3. Chris, you better save all those Bots Master clips for the soundboard, because that shit is bananas.

  4. Oh God, please do an article about all these!

    Does this sort of thing happen anymore? Or are they just less obvious about it now? The only recent example I can think of is that Jackie Chan cartoon.

    1. Not sure if they fits the description, but what about Striperella (with Pamella Anderson) and The Governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger the animated series).

  5. HAHAHAHAHA LIFE WITH LOUIE. What the fuck was up with everyone’s voice. I wish I knew another person in real life who knew what Life With Louie was just so I could have fun doing impressions of it.

    I can’t believe “It’s Laser Time” was somebody’s catchphrase (actually that does sound about right) and I can’t believe it was Bots Master. I saw like 3 episodes of that, and every time I thought “Man, this cartoon looks fucking cool and crazy” but it was never on for some reason.
    It’s perfect though, it’s hip-hop ninja robots that transform into each other,. 3D shades, set in 2025, the main guy is called Ziv “ZZ” Zulander THE BOTS MASTER… It’s like someone made this up as a parody, I’m actually glad that it’s about Laser Time now.

  6. Bruno the Kid with bruce willis and I don’t know if it’s a vanity show but Jon Lovitz IS the critic.

  7. I absolutely remember the Bots Master song, though I don’t remember that name at all, or the show.

    I mentioned this in the comments for the revoiced Star Wars clip, but anyone who’s interested in the people who have done the voices of cartoons for the last several decades should check out Rob Paulsen’s podcast, he’s had on almost any voice actor you could name, even Nolan North, it’s good stuff.

  8. If “Put on your 3d shades” doesn’t become Laser Time’s catch phrase I’mma go on flip so many tables at school.

  9. Another good show, guys. I listened to the last tdar the other night while bored and I noticed something. I miss hearing you guys talk about video games. I love laser time, dont get me wrong. XP

  10. Chris, you and Henry should do a commentary of that whole Star Wars video. Either that or an episode about not-celebrity-endorsement cartoon voices, or just more cartoon episodes in general.

  11. This was a great episode. The hammerman shit was so good. I remember buying a VHS copy over 10 years ago and we still goof on it. Magical Shoes…

  12. Awesome episode! I use to love Camp Candy, just because it reminded me of the awesomeness that was the movie “The Great Outdoors”

  13. Man Hammertime was so fucking terrible. Even as a kid I was baffled by it.

    Thanks for the casting of pods!

  14. what the fug?!
    this seems impossible.
    like 100% IMPOSSIBLE!
    me and my friend were just talking about cartoon that featured real people this past weekend
    i was talking about how i could believe hammer had a cartoon but not kid and play
    and he was talking about pro stars and i had completely forgotten about it.
    then we both started talking about rocking wrestling

    i can’t believe it.

  15. God I loved Bots Master! I can’t believe can’t believe, “It’s LASERTIME! Put on your 3d shades!!!” God I love you.


  16. One of your best episodes! Great job!

    I loved how you mentioned Bobby’s World and Life with Louie. I used to watch those all the time! I also completely forgot about watching Bruno the Kid!

  17. There’s this certain track you guys often play during the mid-show break — it’s orchestral, primarily brass; the melody is super triumphant….. it drives me crazy every time, it’s so freakin’ familiar!. I’m pretty sure it’s from an 80’s or 90’s anime…?

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