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Not a whole lot released today, at least not when you compare it with last week, but there at least two thingies I absolutely hold near and dear. Oh yeah, we encourage you to click through our Amazon links below (and on the right hand sidebar) because it costs you nothing and earns Laser Time a tiny bit of commission even if you don’t by exactly products what we call out. If you don’t care to Donate or buy a shirt, it’s really the simplest way to continue supporting our special brand bullshit.

Too get you started on your Adventure in Consumerism, we’ll even give one lucky commenter a FREE $20 Amazon gift certificate just for participating! And please do check out Cape Crisis’ comic book recommendations below and pre-order upcoming games below, since we went to all the trouble of detailing what games come with free bonus incentives and in-store cashback!

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We don’t normally do a “Pick O’ the Week,” but if we did, this’d undoubtedly be the one. I’m into neither hockey, nor Sean William Scott, but this lil’ bruiser of a movie made me momentarily fall in love with both.  Scott plays an “Enforcer,” a guy whose ability to brutally fuck players up and protect the power forward is vastly more important than his inability to skate, and I dunno, it’s one of the funniest and most effective “sports movies” I’ve seen since I stopped pretending to care about sports. Hey, sometimes garbage flies in all our faces…

Max Payne 3 (PC)
I love the shit out of Max Payne 3, but I’m dying to play the thing again with a mouse. It’s certainly fun as fuck on PS3 and 360, retaining all the classicly simple and silly Max Payne style with an immensely modern presentation, however, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a console game that required such a heavy auto-lock assist more than Max Payne 3. Try playing with Free Aim on a controller, and then consider the possibilities on a mouse.  This game ain’t easy, so I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Batman: Arkham City – Game of the Year Edition  360  |  PS3
Look… do really need me to sing the praises of this game once again? Calling this game superb is like beating a dead horse… which I suppose Batman would be okay with as long as he wasn’t the one killing the horse… whatever! Do you not already own this phenomenal game, or want the cheapest possible way to pick up the Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, Harley Quinn, Challenge Pack DLC and more at the cheapest possible price with the worst possible box art?! Buy the GOTY Edition, silly!

Man on a Ledge
I’ve heard nothing particularly good or bad about this film, but you know what I love about it already? HONESTY! The title and the trailer tell me exactly what I’m getting. And barring an idiotic, trapdoor plot twist, I know I can probably watch this movie safely without ever being surprised!


Resistance: Burning Skies
I won’t pretend to be the biggest fan of the Resistance series, but the last time it took its Chimera-killin’ action portable, it was surprisingly commendable. Burning Skies appears to stick to its FPS roots a little closer thanks to the PS Vita’s additional analog stick, and I’m hearing mixed reviews on the translation. Whatever, if you’ve gotta Vita, I’m sure you’re starved for something exclusive.

True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season
This show lost me in the first season, but I’m well aware it has its fans. One of my grievances is a personal one and barely worth talking about, but I’m going to anyway: The depiction of The South! I’m from there and while I’m no stickler for its roots, racism, and antiquated folksiness, I do hate when it’s portrayed inauthentically. The horrible accents are one thing, but did Alan Ball really think we wouldn’t recognize the California locations when he already used half of them on Six Feet Under?! See East Bound and Down or The Walking Dead if you wanna see a show with the balls to truly film Down South, ya’ll.

SBK Super Bike World Championship
Not a lot of new games worth showcasing this week, but Mike Grimm would probably have my ass if I didn’t mention this one.



Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland
You tell me what this is! I mean the approachable title surely gives you every indication of what this is, but I’ve honestly never heard of it.



UPCOMING VIDEO GAME AMAZON BONUSES – Pre-order and support Laser Time

Listed in order of release date

Resistance: Burning Skies  
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-FREE 3 Avatars, including RileyEllie, and a fearsome Chimera.
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor  *NEW*
-Pre-order and get the Carbon Assassin Armory, which includes Savannah Armor and Storm Armor
Darksiders II  360  |  PS3  |  PC  
-Pre-order for FREE “Arguls Tomb” playable dungeon expansion
-FREE Deadly Despair Pack, a speed booster for your mount
Dirt Showdown  360  |  PS3 
-$10 in-store credit
Lollipop Chainsaw  360  |  PS3  
-Pre-order to add Juliet to your pinup collection and pop cherries with Rockabilly
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PlayStation Vita) 
-$10 in-store credit
The Secret World  
-Early game access, plus special beta access with pre-order
-FREE Loyal Pet Hound (offers protection and XP boost)
The Amazing Spider-Man  360  |  PS3  *NEW*
-Pre-order for FREE Stan Lee Adventure Pack DLC
Spec Ops: The Line  360  |  PS3  *NEW*
-$10 in-store credit
-Free upgrade to Premium pack and FUBAR Pack DLC with pre-order
Gravity Rush 
-FREE Military Costume DLC with pre-order
-FREE 4 Extra Missions, which include 2 Side Missions and 2 Challenge Missions
NCAA Football 13  *NEW*
-Free Nike Pro Combat premium uniform pack – Amazon exclusive
Silent Hill: Downpour  360  | PS3
-$10 in-store credit
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor  
-FREE Carbon Assassin Armory, which includes Savannah Armor and Storm Armor with pre-order
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
-FREE gripped stylus and 17 stickers with pre-order
Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance *NEW*
-FREE AR cards that unlock exclusive in-game Dream Eater with pre-order
Sleeping Dogs  360  |  PS3
-FREE Martial Arts Pack, with Shaolin Showdown mission, Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased striking damage), Bonus Triad XP points, and Wing Chun decoration for your safe house with pre-order
Madden 13 *NEW*
-Free  Andrew Luck Future Stars Draft Pick Madden Ultimate Team Card for immediate use in Madden 12
Borderlands 2  360  |  PS3  |  PC
-$10 in-store credit
Resident Evil 6  360  |  PS3
-Pre-order for FREE Exclusive Mercenaries stage – The High Seas Fortress 
Assassin’s Creed III  360  |  PS3  
-EXCLUSIVE: FREE Steelbook Case upgrade with art by Alex Ross
Hitman: Absolution  360  |  PS3  
-FREE Bartoli Custom Pistol, with built-in, high-spec sight and silencer to give excellent accuracy and an extremely high rate of fire with pre-order






24 thoughts on “Top Amazon releases for May 29th

  1. I just don’t get the fascination with Arkham City — I still haven’t figured out how to kill anyone in the game, I must just suck at it. But anyway, this feature is becoming one of my favorite things about Laser Time. I love the mini reviews of all this shit. Bravo!

  2. the sale looks awesome, im very tempted to pre-order lolipop chainsaw for a little over 40 bucks! and the price for syndacate isnt bad either

  3. When you support lasertime don’t forget to put on your 3d shades. No seriously safety isn’t a laughing matter.

  4. Still surprised the PC version of max paine got released about a week later then the console usually its either released together or a couple of months apart.

  5. Wonder if those comic links are a hint at Cape Crisis this week. Hope so would love hearing about that Manhunter series from you guys never really got into it.

  6. I really want box Max Payne 3 and BAC but now that I lost my job, money is tight lol. I did manage to sell a T-Shirt in my store though, so maybe things are looking up.

  7. “Sir Maximilian Payne the Third at your service his Majesty Man of the Bat

    “I need chocolate milk”

    “Right away sir”

    *31 homocides later

    “I have returned with your honorable chocolate milk”

    “Good yes very gooD”

  8. As much as the box art burns my eyes, I would heartily recommend Arkham City to just about anyone. I still am having trouble deciding between Arkham, Portal 2, and Bastion for my Game of the Year 2011, but it is arguably the greatest use of a license in the history of gaming and is a full-fledged masterpiece. Plus, you get to punch a shark in the face. As BATMAN. What more could you need?

  9. I must be mildly retarded, can someone explain how the Amazon thingy works so that when I buy stuff from Amazon Lasertime gets something? Does it only work for the links above or what? I have Amazon prime so I buy quite a bit of stuff, just not movies/games though, except for Transformers- Fall of Cybertron. I might pre-order that…

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