Cape Crisis #15 – Out of the Super Closet

Turning evil, coming out, IDW’s Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who release leads to a hearty discussion on epic crossovers, and GLORY BE! A comic book starring Jersey Shore’ The Situation!











Cape Crisis #15 Listener Question – What impossible media mash-up would you like to see in comics??

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #15 – Out of the Super Closet

  1. That Situation comic is a must buy, hopefully if it sells well we’ll get the Spectacular Snooki hitting shelves as well!

  2. hey henry…
    you wanna’ contribute to a comics kickstarter that won’t make you feel bad for supporting a misogynist?
    contribute to my kickstarter! C:
    it’s dying a horrible, pathetic, embarrassing death.

  3. Now that I think about it, maybe Loki meant to go back to asgard so he can get the infinity gauntlet for thanos.

  4. I would like to reiterate that everyone should buy We3 in whatever form you can find it. I also love Seaguy for some reason, da fug!

  5. Dear Chris: Please be straight.
    You’re a horrible enough person to women.
    Please don’t treat some poor gay man like dirt on this show, like you did your girlfriend during your former podcast. It’ll be really uncomfortable.

  6. Work was awful, today. Wouldn’t have made it through without long Archie tangents and threats of bodily harm against one-star reviewers.

  7. If you guys have too many comics, you should give some away to the community as a give away.

  8. Nice episode gentlemen. I almost want to see an episode about comic art specifically, good and bad. Alex Ross and Rob Liefield on opposite ends of the spectrum respectively.

  9. Megas XLR vs Evangelion. American hillbilly nerds in a mech that has a car for a head against what the fuck ever happened in Neon Genesis. They were both cartoons, and were both on Teh Cartoon Network, and both had robots. chicks dig the robots.

  10. If you told me that was promotional art for Saints Row I would completely believe it, which makes me worry that SR3 wasn’t nearly as knowingly irreverent as I thought it was…

  11. Either:

    -Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai-


    Cloverfield vs. The Darkest Hour. Because both feature monsters you never fucking see throughout the entire movie.

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