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        1. Chazey has a good point.

          I’d probably have friends if I wasn’t following Chris Antista’s twitters and hawking the laser time site to get the first comment…

          How about I just use my mom’s credit card to donate 50 bucks?

  1. Here is my thoughts on the subject;

    Friends: It lasted 10 years, 10 whole seasons of 6 friends and often times more as they were coupled off throughout the years. Were the last couple of seasons as good as the first? Probably not, but it did seem to work all the way until the end. Yes I am a “Friends fan.”

    Scrubs: It last 9 seasons, but the last season was more of a spin-off and a crappy way to try to reboot the franchise to start it up for a new generation. This is one of those cases where the show should have ended when the main character’s story rapped up.

    Buffy: 7 seasons, but the way the 5th season ended, it should have ended there. Buffy died (spoiler) but in doing so she saved the world. The last two seasons were not the greatest and were way darker than the original 5 seasons and didn’t feel very “Buffy.”

    I guess it really depends on the series though. I hate it when shows are just cancelled and never finished. I’d rather a series faded away gracefully, than if it just burned itself out and finished on a poor note.

    Great topic Chris and gang! 😀

  2. Agh! this is perfect! I managed to catch up from the start of community to around the time the 3rd season was about to end. I haven’t listened yet but if the 4th season has some reeeeally creative and funny stuff, id say let them go for it and…yea stop it there. a bit more than one more season may tarnish my view of the show.

  3. I love the subject, but the discussions seem to be one sided. Everyone agreeing with each other on almost everything. I hate 90% of CBS’s shit, but someone with a counter argument would definitely add a dynamic to the conversation. Like-minded speculations and opinions seems to get dull after a while. Regardless, I love you guys and looking forward to more Lasertime

    1. I get your point but I prefer this way over having one of them arbitrarily take an opposing view.

      1. I don’t mean someone posing as devil’s advocate. I’m just saying someone with a genuine opposing would definitely make things more interesting. Letting points go unchallenged seems a little too “fox news-ish”. Like when in previous episodes when Tyler Wilde bashed on Dragon Age, or when Brett negatively compared Legend of Korra to Ben 10 and the there was no one to defend any of them. If Cheryl Del Rosario was there she would have defended Legend of Korra, at least. Diversity can only help the podcast

  4. It’s such a shame they’re putting such an amazing show on the chopping block immediately after I started getting into it (thanks to everybody at Lasertime’s behest). I do think it’s better to burn out than fade away; great example is The Office, which used to be a fantastic show, and now it’s just noise in the background.

  5. Fuck yes, I’ve been waiting for a Community special. I got into it through you guys talking about it on Talkradar. Downloading now…

  6. CHRIS! CHRIS! listen up!
    more people would listen to lasertime if you
    1. injected more of the same love and antics you did for Tdar into it.
    where the hell are my sound effects man? eh?!
    2. the diff between tdar and this is tdar was about ONE THING specifically.
    lots of people can relate to games, but the topics of lasertime are always dividing and polarizing your potential audience. if you covered multiple pop culture subjects in each ep in specific segments like you guys did in tdar, you would have a degree of consistency. segments where you cover everything you guys love from comics to video games to movies and tv shows. consistency is key to getting people to return each week, and your old antics are definitely a draw for new listeners.
    it doesn’t matter if other shows out there are like that, you guys would make it awesome and unique because of who you guys are.

    oh man… community. it’s such a mixed bag of emotions for me
    it’s a beautiful thing for the first 2 seasons and then it went completely crazy town in season 3. it was soooo hit and miss. i want it to have a 4th season, just so we can see those characters finish college and jeff make good on that reservation he made for himself. C:
    but i don’t wanna watch it without dan at the helm. it’s going to run out its welcome fast i think. :/

      1. but yer with me on the sound effects yes? 😛

        sure it could be one topic and themed. but it has to have a strategy, it maybe shouldn’t just be a recording of a bunch of guys just randomly talking about a subject until they’ve exhausted the topic or got bored with it, all the while punishing themselves for diverging on other topics like the one they obviously love (video games)

        they should have some sort of form to the show. cause it’s a show.
        if they cover a single topic give us those topics in some segments each week i love the top # whatever the what the fucks and then news and info and all the while discussion. i don’t mind if it’s just about a single theme, it’s just if chris really wants more listeners he’s going to have to make the show more formatted and less like that one person who is dating that person who has a bunch of really close friends and you’re at a party with them all and all you can do is stand there and listen to them but feel like you don’t belong.

        you know what i mean?

        1. I’m absolutely with you on the sound effects. Antista was a genius with his sound board on Tdar. Bring ’em back, I say!

  7. “‘Let’s break up and not get back together ever again and stop touring.’ Wow, I wish it would have happened somewhere before Monster.”

    Whaaaaaat?! Chris! Dude, Monster is great! New Adventures in Hi-Fi is great! Accelerate is great! Up is… pretty good. But yeah, Reveal and Collapse into Now aren’t that great and Around the Sun is awful through and through, but come on! We would have missed out on some great R.E.M. had they ended before Monster.

  8. sweet.
    just watched the first 2 seasons of community and im gona watch the third soon.
    how timely

  9. I can’t believe SyFy is cutting Eureka but than again I don’t watch SyFy anymore. Yeah I do have the seasons on DVD though, one of my favorite shows.

  10. Surprised not to see House appear in your discussion of shows that overstayed their welcome. And as for shows that were taken away from us too quickly, how about Party Down?

  11. Wonder Showzen burned too bright for sure. While I do miss Arrested Development, and I think it ended on a high note, it could have easily overstayed its welcome.
    Thanks for the fun listen.
    Also have you guys considered doing something like Earwolf in regards to the Amazon links? They just use a “Sponsor” Banner ad link thing that kicks some bucks to them for whatever is sold on Amazon. It would makes things a tad easier to give you guys some dough, and a little less cluttered on the site.

  12. For some reason I recorded the first episode of Community when it started, and wasn’t super thrilled with it, but kept up with it. It got much better over time, and became about the only network show I’ve watched in years. The second half of the third season seemed like they knew it would be the last, and decided to go crazy with it.

    Does anyone have a good opinion about what sort of system the video game episode would be on? It seemed sort of 16 bit, but not quite, and the sounds definitely weren’t. Maybe some sort of computer, since I never played PC games.

    While watching Firefly I kept wishing I were watching Brisco County instead. Firefly’s fine, but I would rather have had more Briscos than Fireflys.

    Pushing Daisies was great, and if it hadn’t been for that stupid writers’ strike it could have kept on being great, but it had to suddenly cut off the Paul Reubens storyline when they restarted for season 2, and it lost momentum.

  13. I was wondering why it had to be either burn out or fade away, but then I suppose there aren’t any shows that just….end, with a satisfying conclusion. I think Heroes is a perfect example of a show that just had no fucking idea what to do with itself after the first season, the characters all went through their arcs and most everything was resolved, and it was great, but then they had to just botch the ending and keep on going.

    It’s like writers can’t see past the first season, which is great and makes for a great season, if they just had the balls to end it there though. That is one thing I like about anime, no matter how crazy popular a show is, it rarely if ever gets a third season, well, except for those fighting ones that go on forever.

    Huh, kinda went off topic there, great show guys!

  14. I have GOT to get on the Community/Arrested Development train. I’ve been avoiding them, despite hearing so much good stuff about the shows. Every time I see them on Netflix Streaming, I think to myself, “Eh, I’ll watch it later” and never do.

  15. I’m so glad SOMEONE out there (namely Chris and co.) touched this subject. Here’s a couple that have come to mind now that they’re over with.

    24 began to overstay its welcome after Keifer Sutherland saved America for either the fourth or fifth time. One of those seasons ended with him walking off into the sunset which would have made a perfect series finale. Did it happen? No.

    The true ending to the series took place during the 8th season. Most of the likeable characters were either dead or discarded from the show’s storyline entirely. And Jack Bauer, the series MC, turned into a victim of writer’s burnout during a 180-degree finale where he went from “guy who wants out” to mission completionist by any means necessary.

    I also feel like Lost suffered from some of those burnout problems as well. You had lots of ideas – both good and bad – but when it came to a solid finale we got clipped by a Shyamalan truck of a twist.

    Also, how did something like Desperate Housewives get the green light? Let alone manage to survive through eight effing seasons?

  16. Weeds! Good lord that show took a giant shit. It was really clever the first couple of seasons, and then turned into an unwatchable mess.

    1. Actually, it does the same storyline every season. You’d think they’d learn that selling pot isn’t going to end well, since it ends horribly every year, but then miraculously gets better the next, before going wrong again, but they never do. If you only watch every few seasons it may not seem to loop quite so much, but I’ve seen every season, and should probably stop watching.

  17. Scrubs is the best example of a show sticking around WAYYYY after its sell by date. The fact that they tried to turn this solid comedy into a Friends clone was an absolute disaster.

    I though Soprano’s was okay throughout, as the writing didn’t noticeably dip in my opinion.

    Blimey this post is a bit serious – wacka, wacka COCK AND BALLS!

  18. Why is Wonder Showzen near impossible to watch on the internet? If anyone has any leads let me know.

    That aside, apart from the odd blip i don’t think Futurama has out stayed its welcome just yet, yes the movies were weird but the team were in a weird state of limbo when those stories went ahead.

  19. Yes I want to hear more about Arrested Development, none of my friends have have seen the show and I even bought all the episode after LT reminded me of how much i enjoyed it. Also speaking of shows that under/over stayed their welcome I hoped you talked about Seinfield, which purposefully cut itself short while ratings were high so not to overstay its welcome.

  20. There is a Simpsons quote for so many situations, it’s nearly impossible for me to go a day without saying one. That show means so much to me, which is why I really wish Fox would’ve taken it out behind the woodshed about 14 years ago. I hate what it has become.

    Also, I wanna watch Community so very badly, but I don’t have cable or Hulu. Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to find some other way, *wink wink*.

    The winking means piracy.

  21. Great topic for a podcast and a fantastic cast all-around. Also, I too want to see “All things cynical with Mike Grimm”.

  22. Great episode, one of the best!

    I started watching Community because you started talking about it all the time on TalkRadar, and it quickly became one of my favorite shows of all time.

  23. I agree with Henry, Chris should watch The Emperor’s New Groove. I have watched it recently and I think it is still good. I think I remember Chris saying he didn’t like some of the Disney animated movies of the 1990-2000s like Hercules and Tarzan. As a 90s kid I’ll agree they are not so good now. But The Emperor’s New Groove is the only one I would still recommend..

  24. I’ve watched community because of you guys recommendation, even though only the first season is available in the UK to buy. But I’ve managed to watch seasons 2 & 3 (wink) and yeah it’s a really great show. Personally I hope it ends early in its prime. I’ve seen too many shows I really liked just become an absolute mess, usually happens around season 4.

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