Cape Crisis #16 – Thanos: The Hands of Fate

We’re back from E3, talking games, Watchmen, Walking Dead and the evilest versions of your favoritist heroes!











Cape Crisis #16 Listener Question – Whats your favorite evil version of famous super heroes?

23 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #16 – Thanos: The Hands of Fate

  1. This should actually be labeled episode #17 right? Last week’s Pre E3 Cape Crisis was labeled #16.

  2. YEAH! Just what I need for my hour long commute tomorrow. Seriously you guys are the only podcasting network I listen to. Trying to get my friends into Lasertime, VGMpire and this for ages. I do know a Thanos fan though, so maybe….

    1. Same here! I have a pretty tough job so listening to some light-hearted/pop-culture stuff really does me wonders. Good stuff all around.

  3. hunh?!
    holy hell!
    i was listening to old eps of CC
    and then clicked on the lasertime facebook thingy over there just out of curiosity
    and saw that a new CC had been posted 3 hours ago.
    wow. that kinda made my day. C:

  4. Yeah it is mislabeled or something, I’ve seen that happen with other podcasts on this site no biggie lol.

    I have very little comic book knowledge so I had no idea who was in the image at the top lol.

  5. Excited to hear your take on Thanos: with Moon Knight in the recommended reading, I expect some quality conversation.

  6. I wasn’t sure I would keep listening to KOXM after Ryan left, but hearing Dave on several shows this week, and hearing that Chris is gong to help, I think I’ll try it out. Dave is a little stilted so far, but I think he’ll smooth out over time, and he’s entertaining anyway.

    1. Glad you’re staying on board! I’ve been back into podcasting after a year-plus away, so I’m a bit rusty, but I think I’ll be back into the swing of things in short order. It really helps that I’ve got some of the best podcasters I know working alongside me.

  7. *Batman Court of Owls Spoilers*
    You probably should have mentioned spoilers for anyone that hasn’t read Batman #10 but is currently reading batman. Lincoln March actually being Thomas Wayne Jr (Bruce’s brother) was a huge reveal. Also, in regards to his age, Thomas Wayne Jr is actually younger than Bruce in the new 52 universe, so you can’t make Lil Wayne jokes about bruce anymore.

  8. Isn’t saying that Thanos hasn’t done a lot for a long time a exaggeration, he’s been in plenty of cosmic stuff the latest years. Right?

    Great episode, as always!

  9. Good lord, that Catwoman cover is an abomination. Great episode, guys. I guess I need to check out ‘Scalped’, now.

  10. The best example of a superhero getting better after turning evil is Archangel from X-Men. Known as Angel before getting turned by Apocalypse, he was a rich boy who shed feathers everywhere while moaning that being a mutant is a bitch, and so cut off his wings to become ‘normal’ – because you know, that’s sensible.

    Unsurprisingly he realises he has made a big mistake cutting off the only thing that makes him special in comic lexicon, which is when Apocalypse has a chat with him, offers him his vacant Lead Henchmen position and grants him some bad-ass razor wings and an improved personality in the process.

    He also decides to kill off the X-Men which if we’re all being brutally honest would vastly improve the comic landscape as we know it. Cyclops can suck a big one, and probably has at one point or another.

  11. Glad to hear alternative comics getting some love. Thompson is one of my faves…although I believe it’s”Goodbye Chunky Rice”, not Chunky Rose.

    Evil Superheroes: I enjoyed the 1994 animated Spiderman series finale, where a bunch of Spidermen from different dimensions have to battle Spider-Carnage, a spiderman clone who plans to explode an interdimensional bomb that will destroy all realities in all dimensions.

  12. Nice ep. Something freaky. I was just listening to old talkradar 146 and what comic did Henry mention? Scalped! I listen to this episode of cape crisis the next day, more scalped. I take it as a sign I should check it out

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