Star Trek vs Marvel: A Laser Time Quizdown

FROM HIGH ATOP YE THRESHOLD OF THE GODS, WE ASK OF THEE: Who’s responsible for the most unnecessarily verbose titles in the history of mankind, Star Trek or Marvel? Find out in the video above!

The above video clip comes courtesy of our Muppets vs Star Trek vs Marvel episode, and we’re not embarrassed to say, YES , it’s pretty fucking amusing. So much so, we’re thinking of doing it again… Anyhoo, one of the best ways to help the show continue to exist is getting more people listening. Videos such as the one above are much more sharable than the show itself, so we encourage you to post it on your Wallz, link it in ur Tweetz, etc. Because unless Laser Time wins the lottery, your word of mouth is absolutely the only way we’re gonna make anything happen, folks. Thanks guys, and seriously, TELL A FRIEND!

OH! And we LOVE IT when some YouTube auteur steps up to make a video out of one of our bits, and have even rewarded them in the past. Hasn’t happened a lot so far, and it’s never been done quite so fine as by MasterWGS, who amazingly animated our “Norwegian King names Pokemon” sketch from… shit, an episode I can’t recall. Gotta download ’em all!






5 thoughts on “Star Trek vs Marvel: A Laser Time Quizdown

  1. That is seriously one of the best moments in LaserTime. They ALL sound like Troy McClure films. Seriously, do this again. Whole episode, bring Star Trek comics into the mix… great times assured.

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