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Shining a spotlight on the geekly goods of Mr. and showing you how to get a FREE* Laser Time Keychain!

I suppose you could call this a “SPONSOR THANKS,” but as highly talented independent artist and one of our first supporters, Mr.Dandy will always be near and dear to Laser Time’s heart. I don’t know about you, but as we grow as good nerds, action figure poseability means a lot less if you’re not thrusting them into imaginary battle… However, that doesn’t mean we don’t NEED dorkly representation of the stuff we love on our mantle, right?


So, warmly familiar sculptures like the ones offered by Mr. Dandy remain right up our alley, and we are proud to pimp them to you like-minded Laser Timers.

Better still, Mr. Dandy’s head honcho, James Hakola came to us with promotion to give you guys a FREE* custom laser-etched Laser Time Keychain! In honor of such a fantastic freebie, we thought it was only fair to point a shiny spotlight   back on the wares of Mr Dandy. We asked James to tell us a little more about his super cool product lines, so you’ll find his artistic insight below as well as details on how you can grab yourself a FREE* LIMITED EDITION LASER TIME KEYCHAIN!

What’s Mr. Dandy?
It’s my website, where I make and sell figures and other sculptures. I have a lot of different modes I like to work in– making funky toys, game characters, hardcore heroes & monsters, and miniature wargame figures.  If it’s geeky, then I probably want it and I’ll try to make it! I still like to work traditionally, with clay and mold making, because it’s part of my design process.

Heroica Goddess in Alloy and Burrowing Beast

Why Clay?
I still like to work traditionally, with clay and mold making, because it’s part of my design process. Computer sculpting is great, but you can over think and overwork your art that way too.  Clay is more honest because it’s less forgiving. You can’t just mirror one side of your work to make it perfectly symmetrical, or undo your mistakes with CTRL-Z.  Sometimes it’s good to live with mistakes, and even make them work to your advantage.

About SIKK:
I made these knicknacks awhile back from being a fan of pretty much anything with monkeys and clowns in it.

Ringmeister and Meester

These are the kind of circus acts I’d want to see… they’re totally skeezy, but still having a really good time.

Ellaphat The Portly Pachyderm

About WarGamma:
Wargaming is practically the perfect world to sculpt in.  Sometimes, other types of toys and statues just sit on a shelf or in a closet, but not with game miniatures.

Brutal Giant Champion

First, your customers build and paint the models you supply them, taking pride in making them their own.  Then they travel to their games and tournaments, showing them off wherever they go, using them to compete with other armies.  They may spend hours contemplating strategies on your figure!  Each piece turns into a little roving ambassador for your work, it’s awesome and humbling at the same time.

Arachnoid Mecha Terror and Alien Pod Spawn Seed

About CULT:
Sometimes I just like to make something for fun and wackiness.  The stuff I put in my Cult line is kind of like the sculptural equivalent of a Cyndi Lauper song.  Throw out all the serious epicness, and just make it about the character attitude.

GetaMusha and Mobai

What if an Easter Island head was made into a tank?  What if the moon had a secret identity as an international spy?  What if ninjas looked like preschool toys?  It’s a spontaneous way to create: anything goes, so they’re definitely some of my most fun projects.

Secret Agent Moon

About the 8-Bit:
I love old video games, and if you added it all up, I probably spent multiple years of my life in arcades.

Don! Bomb! Kongo! and Wrench Stickhead

I used to imagine the game screen as a little diorama full of real toys.  When I finally learned how to sculpt, it was one of my first instincts.

Der BitterGeist (The Angry Ghosts)


So… How can you get a FREE* Laser Time Keychain courtesy of James Hakola and Mr.! Let’s go ahead and explain that asterix:

*Donate $10 or more to Laser Time and we’ll ship you a Limited Edition Laser Time Keychain while supplies last. “Hey, that’s not free…” you’re probably saying. IS SO! It’s a free gift that you get just for supporting Laser Time, mister! You couldn’t “buy” one of these things if you wanted to… so there! Just think of it as a way to support independent art AND a mildly amusing show in one fell swoop! Simply click here to leave us a modest donation and fill out your NAME AND ADDRESS in the optional Paypal fields and we’ll ship you your Laser Time Keychain in the coming weeks, free of charge.

And seriously, thanks once again to James and Go browse the site wontcha? There’s quite simply no classier way to geek up your home or workspace than one of their fine sculptures.

10 thoughts on “Mr. Dandy – Sculpting Awesome

  1. aw! i just donated! I didnt really read this article though – but in any case since I live in oz and postage is preposterous, dont feel obligated to send a keychain, postage might be silly expensive or redundant.
    As long as you guys maintain the great quality of your podcasting and community activities, I am happy.

  2. Is this fabulous free gift available for UK listeners? I’ll donate extra for postage if that helps

  3. I hope $25 is enough to cover postage to the UK, the last thing I wan’t is to actually cost you guys money.

  4. I love his feeling about “unforgiving” nature of working with a real medium. What is art without imperfections? Humans don’t make flawless things.

  5. I opened my mailbox today to find my keychain waiting for me, even though I’m just learning NOW that these were a gift to those who donated. I was truly just donating because your last episode was THAT good, and thought it needed some support because I wanted more.

    So… Thanks! Totally unexpected that this was sent my way, but I appreciate it nonetheless. 🙂

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