101 thoughts on “Laser Time – Marvel vs Star Trek vs Erotic Fan Fiction


        *gasping for air…at least they weren’t ass to mouthing eggs…

  1. Holy shit, I was just thinking of suggesting ‘dramatic readings of erotic fan fiction’ as a topic. Can’t wait to listen.

  2. Did you guys finally do the Jean Luc Picard and Elrond slash fiction dramatic reading I’ve always wanted?

  3. I almost can’t wait until tomorrow to listen to this. Also any chance of another Saturday Morning Breakfast Quiz or similar themed show? That is one of my all time favorite LaserTime shows.

  4. Man, my old-school HTML skills are rusty. Here’s the quote:

    “What are you doing Mr. Grinch? Cindy demanded, but the Grinch had only one thing on his mind now, and that thing was

    ‘musclef**king’ “

  5. I haven’t started this podcast cause i’m still at work – but all I can say is that I have a sneaky feeling I will be able to relate to every word in this podcast.
    I feel a bit ashamed… (no I dont)
    Also – that picture is very vanilla… just saying….(I regret nothing)

  6. That was a fantastic episode, thank christ I didn’t listen to this on my general day to day as usual. Spawned from the heavens!

  7. Well that’s certainly an interesting image to turn my browser on to.

    Oh well, new Laser Time, WOOOOOO!

    that mass effect reading is the funniest most uncomfortable thing i have ever heard!
    so hilariously bad.
    Lasertime = Sexytime

  9. I’m sure Audible is proud to be associated with such a high quality and progressive podcast.

  10. God Henry reading these things… Grimm and I ran out of bodily gestures to make in reaction. I’ve already stomped my foot and paced and back forth and doubled over laughing… what else can I do??

  11. I was walking to my car while listing to this and I literally had to stop and lean against a tree to avoid collapsing to my hands and knees I was laughing so hard!
    I really hope this episode is no one’s introduction into Laser Time though…

  12. The reading of the horrible erotic fan fiction was just too funny. I want to share this, but I’m not quite sure if I can.

  13. God damn it, just, thank you.

    You guy have to do that again sometime! I like to write about games and I’ve been planning to do something with awful fan fiction for ages, (which I will now put off for a while again after this) but there is so much terrible/brilliant material out there, not even just erotic fan fiction, there’s ludicrous concepts out there like Harry Potter/Ace Combat crossovers or Assassin’s Creed/Teen Wolf.

  14. Holy fuck….holy…motherfucking…fuck… I think that Henry (in the magnificent, post-production Legion voice) complaining about how much more of the Mass Effect story was left is my new favorite soundbite from anything ever.

  15. That was fantastic, more of everything that was done in that episode
    The reading of the Yoshi part reminded me of Half Life : Full Life Consequences from the voicing and the writing 🙂

  16. Oh God, I laughed until I nearly cried. The moment that finally completely broke me was when the Mass Effect music started swelling in the background and the Reaper noises timed with the narration… and Henry’s complaining about the length in the Legion voice… Mike Grimm sounded surprisingly excellent with the Legion voice. New character?

    This, my friends, is one of humanity’s crowning achievements. This mix of culture and class shall stand throughout the ages as a model of art and creativity. Bravo, I say.

    I am Jet Kirby.

  17. Listened to the Mass Effect reading while on the treadmill. HOLY SHIT, was that a tactical blunder. I almost slipped several times and couldn’t stop laughing.

    That voice filter needs to be used again. For what purpose, I’m not sure…just use it.

  18. I succumbed and listened to this at work – Oh my god….
    That was the greatest trauma I have ever suffered at the hands of fanfiction.
    Thanks guys… really, my donation was so fucking worth it.
    Now I have to stay away from the internet just so i can settle down for a bit.

  19. Hearing Henry complain about the fanfiction while still having the legion voice made my day. Hilarious

  20. Okay, this NEEDS to happen again, I was in hysterics on the way home from my last exam. I completely lost it at the way Chris said “pussy juice” and of course, Henry’s hilarious rant about what sexual acts still had to take place before they were finally done. Just brilliant.

  21. INSPIRED! Without doubt the funniest lasertime yet. But you fucks have ruined mass effect for me! How can I possibly play as my milky femshep again?

  22. Oh my! Please make this a once a month segment! Do I see a Sonic fan fiction in the horizon?

  23. Considering that the Mass Effect story was basically a terrible Penthouse letter, I’m surprised by how accurately-written Legion’s dialogue is. It’s very reverent in it’s way.

    Also, I’d totally buy an “I’m Jet Kirby” Laser Time shirt if one were made available.

  24. It was very, very difficult to listen to this on the subway this morning. Held my hand over my face the whole time. I’m very glad I didn’t have sound leakage, because the old women sitting near me would NOT be ok with Jet Kirby.

  25. That was hilarious! (especially the after-effects voice you put in). Now please never ever do it again.

    Hey guys, I have long since been listening to your podcasts since “podcast on another popular videogame site”. But never since the King of Names have I ever been so dumbfounded as to how Christopher Antista comes up with such nonsense to put into an episode….

    Cape Crisis, VGEmpire, Lasertime, Batman the Hulkdick, whatever you all do, my money is now yours.

    Dare I say it,
    This episode was

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    I will see myself out.

  27. That’s what I love about this gang… when you guys commit to a joke, you take it “all the way”! I will never see Legion or Kirby the same again.

    In closing I’d like to recommend 2 educational films, “Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly”, and “Here Comes the Metric System!”

  28. This was certainly hilarious if incredibly weird to lisyen to in earbuds. I feel closer to Legion than I ever have before.

  29. I haven’t commented since the announcement of laser time

    1. Constructive criticism – work on your quizzes. Content is right but make the rules clearer and fairer for me they are hard to listen to
    2. Appraisal – Good show as usual
    3. Bewilderment – How does Henry know so much stuff! I
    have no interest in comic books what so ever but I have listened and will continue to listen to cape crisis due to henrys amazing knowledge about the industry and crazy plot lines. Cape crisis is my favorite podcast on the network as it’s better organized, Henry is a better host (sorry chris) and he 100% believes in what he does. Good work guys.

  30. I have listened to this episode twice a day since it released. This is easily my new favorite episode. Don’t stop, Laser Time.

  31. I thought the beginning podcast was horrible. The entire question and answer bit is lame imo. What’s the time mark for the fan fiction so I can skip to that part. I’m not usually negative on lasertime because I normally enjoy what you guys do here but this has been my least favorite so far and could barely get 20 minutes into it.

  32. Can “jet kirby” become a segment? or its own separate podcast? “New, from the bastards that brought you laser time and cape crisis, cums JET KIRBY, a all new podcast/pornographic radio drama, read to you by the laser time boys, with all the sound effects done by mouth from Sex expert, Mike Grimm!”

    Oh god, I have the weirdest bonner right now…

  33. I wasn’t really disgusted listening to this, more amused really. Especially listening to Henry get uncomfortable reading as the Geth lol.

  34. I know I’m very much in the minority here, but the Kirby vs. Troy McClure quiz was the best part of this episode (if only for Chris’s reading). It’s probably a stretch given how much mileage you’ve already gotten out of McClure and the Simpsons in general, but I’d love an episode just about his movies.

  35. Grimm and Henry’s reading as Legion were priceless! I lost my mind laughing when Grimm first said “copulation”. I hate to say but Henry’s obvious discomfort only added to the hilarity! The quiz was also funny, I love the Engrishness of a lot of those Kirby episode titles haha.

  36. Woot! Fantastic episode. My name was dropped, I am officially a part of Lasertime History. Can’t wait to hear more LT. LOL -> “Jet Kirby”

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