20 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #1

  1. Did anyone else think that he was taking a piss at the bar? Anyways awesome, but I miss your buddy Ax Battler, Kuros I hope we see him again one day. Keep up the shenanigans Kuros. 🙂

  2. Love it. But why do I get the feeling Laser Time is gonna go some dark places? Don’t get me wrong it’s fantastic but seems a bit odd. Keep up the good work guys!

  3. I think videogame webcomics, ripped sprite art, and this joke are all like 10 years too late. That’s especially weird when this is a podcast site which is a totally fresh new idea.

    I love everything on LaserTime so I have to be honest, this is totally dumb! It’s not funny, and it looks like something I would’ve made in MS Paint when I was like 15. Hash-tag real talk.

  4. It thought it was kinda lame talking about beating off. Hey guess what let’s talk about masturbation because that’s what all the kids are into.

  5. @ Tom & belowradar,

    If y’all don’t have anything nice to say, please fuck off. KreativeAssassin is doing this because he loves to do this. Jokes don’t always hit, but you don’t need to be a dick about it either. And Tom, if you could do better, PROVE IT. Hash-tag prove it or GTFO

    As for the comic, love it and hope to see more of it! Good job, Kreative Assassin!

  6. Comment Commentary
    Originally Ladies’ Knight was supposed to be three panels, but Antista requested that it be upped to four at the zero hour. Also, the text in the second and third panels were originally together in the same panel.

    Because there was more room to work with once the panels were placed two by two, I added the 32 pixel gap between the chair and edge of the panel. Originally the far right chair was against the side of the panel!

    The advice Kuros gives in this comic is actually advice I have given to several people when they tell me that they have become burned out on porn. Though I have never been into vore (being eaten) or BBW (big beautiful women) myself, I should add.

    Kuros was originally added to an Ask Ax Battler comic because I didn’t think the Ax Battler comic was good enough to stand on its own. In the end, it seemed as though people were actually enjoying Kuros more than Ax Battler himself! Eventually it was time for ol’ Ax Battler to pack it in and make way for Kuros. In fact, in the final pano for Ask Ax Battler #8, you can see Kuros and the Ladies’ Knight logo beginning to appear on the right!

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