Cape Crisis #17 – Take That, True Believers!

We talk about the very un-comic booky Prometheus, trailer that show too much *cough*Dark Knight Rises*cough*, and the unforgettable persona of Stan Lee.











Cape Crisis #17 Listener Question – Whats your favorite/least favorite Stan Lee cameo?

22 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #17 – Take That, True Believers!

  1. I agree with Chris about the original Alien being the superior film in the franchise… and it’s not like that’s a minority opinion so I’m confused by the reaction to that notion. Aliens is also the best for many but for different reasons.

    Also “Inception horn” for trailers should be an official term haha!

  2. I can’t believe that anyone really believes that getting some information about anything ahead of time spoils the whole thing for them. Everyone refers to any kind of information as a spoiler now, which is just retarded. Lighten up, you’ll still enjoy your movie or game even if you know something about it.

  3. There really should be some kind of mandate that trailer footage cannot be taken from anything beyond the first hour of a movie. I want a hype-building preview, not a 30-second summary of the entire film, rendered entirely in blink-fast clips.

  4. Alien is my favourite in the franchise, Aliens is just below it, and I enjoyed Prometheus for it’s atmosphere and a certain extremely intense scene, so it’s third for me. Also, after that first DKR trailer, i try to avoid them and their spoilers. To me, DKR looks more like Dark Knight Returns than Knightfall…

  5. i stopped watching trailers and reading anything for movies i want to see a few years ago, its getting tough to do with the way the internet is now but i’ve been glad with my decision to avoid everything so far

  6. My favourite thing about Stan Lee is that he canโ€™t even say Spiderman.

    โ€œIโ€™m Stan Lee, the creator of Shpydar Man!โ€

  7. Your prometheus discussion really bummed me out, I get all your points were from a writers perspective but I still like it and feel most of the movies moments are justified
    like david being amoral and just collecting data
    and them putting rapaces character into cryo to study later
    and I dont think her being offended of being infertile or them showing her to be religious and relying on faith were as contrived as you say.
    I like a movie now and then that doesnt announce every characters motivation and leaves me guessing their motives if any and doesnt give you all the answers(not as bad as lost though)
    Then again they are an exploration team with the sole purpose of investigating the ancient race and secretly being used by an uncaring man in pursuit of immortality from a race (or just that one being)that probably now hates us, sees us as a mistake or are offended by are existence.

    I will say the climax confrontation couldve been longer and scarier
    and I cant justify nightowls character wanting to touch the snake creature, except him being irrational.

    You also had a problem with most of the crew being fodder/throw away characters. I didnt mind this because I doubt I wouldve cared about them anyway like I didnt care about the marines in aliens.
    But the monsters couldve been focused on more.

  8. Great episode as always gentlemen. After hearing my signature referenced in the episode I decided to change it for people with more delicate sensibilities. Now you can marvel at hulk dropping a deuce.

  9. Another great episode. I have been reading more comics since listening to this show, you guys got me back into them in a very big way

  10. Loved the episode. Does anyone know what the song was during the break?
    (And fuck movie trailers..)

  11. Henry’s reason for being so uncomfortable during the erotic fan fiction is so god damn adorable. Makes me love him even more ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Huzzah for a new CapeCrisis!

    Also, i completely agree with your opinions on Prometheus. it’s a really pretty movie, with some ambitious questions thrown in… And I first left out of the theater angry, than thought more about some of the cool stuff it did… but then thinking it some more… yeah, the movie has a shitton of things that just don’t make sense, and without any real necessary reason.

    One thing I will disagree on though, is on Alien. I love the movie, and I watched it again recently and back to back with Aliens… And honestly, while Alien is great, and IMPORTANT, it hasn’t aged very well, and while in the situation it is more understandable, the crew still do a lot of stupid and illogical decisions. i could almost assure you that if you watched the movie again, you probably wouldn’t like it or feel it’s as scary as when you watched it as a kid or a teen.

    Aliens, on the other hand, granted, it’s not a horror film at all, but it’s just a much better movie overall. It holds up so damn much better. (The alien in the first movie is hillariously bad animated… The ones shown in aliens STILL look and move great even by today standards, arguably look even better than modern CGI ones.) And really, it’s a much better told story, all the characters are far more fleshed out and better developed, everyone is handled logically and the way the characters act fit with that they do. And they expanded flawlessly on the first movie’s mythology while completely respecting it.

    Like you guys love to differentiate, Alien is undoubtedly the MORE important movie, but to me, Aliens is by far, the better one.

    Also, all the alien movies after are pieces of shit. And Prometheus is not as terrible as AvP or Ressurection, but it’s still bad, and not really worth of comparison with the other two.

  13. Unlike Henry I thoroughly hated the fact that Harvey Dent died, it reminded me of when Burton killed off Joker in 89 but then I got to thinking… what has Harvey Dent done in the comics that was so memorable? Other than The Long Halloween and Dark Victory this was a character wasted in numerous storylines (even worse in the new 52 where he’s roided out on Bane’s venom). Every where you read a Two Face bio it seems that his only purpose in story is to “remind Batman of his greatest failure – saving Harvey Dent from becoming Two Face. It makes sense to kill off the guy to have a greater impact other than include him in pointless bank heists where Batman or the others have to stop him.
    Great overall podcast guys, see you again for LT!

    1. In A Lonely Place of dying Two face had a cool story, though he really didn’t do anything all that memorable.

  14. Stan Lee cameos are a fun, albeit hokey, Marvel tradition and they honestly don’t take me out of the movies he’s been in. They are a cheeky nod to fans of Marvel properties and that can be only a good thing as the likes of Ironman, Hulk and Thor become known as big movie properties rather than comic book heroes.

    My favourite cameo has to be Stan Lee in the original Fantastic Four, when he’s cast as a mailman who hands Mr Fantastic a wad of ‘Final Notice’ bills. It’s a cute cameo which fits in with the overall ‘silly’ nature of the Sony-made film.

    Comic book movies aren’t grimey, art-house films – they’re fun blockbuster experiences and honestly I think they are even better when they have cool easter eggs only comic book fans would notice. That said, I wish Marvel would extend these ‘special appearances’ to guys other than Mr Lee though.

  15. My least favorite appearence is the Fantastic Four. His arrivals felt tacked on and pointless. His appearance in Chasing Amy though fit and advanced the story.

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