48 thoughts on “Laser Time – Badass Cars

  1. Guessed right. Woo and maybe hoo. Fictional cars made me think of moss powered TV pilot cars.

  2. Micheal Grimm better be on this, he’s been needing something to be a boss about and I know he’s big on cars.

    Brett barely mentions it at the beginning and Optimus is even in the episode picture but it get’s no real air time? What gives?

  4. Great episode, I have always wanted to hear Mikel Grimm talk about cars. I really like hearing Seth’s voice on a podcast again. If you guys do a killer cars episode please use “Maximum Overdirve” and pull audio from the trailer with Steven King his delivery is kinda off yet kinda funny.

  5. Blues Brothers, must watch tonight!!

    Thanks to Dukes of Hazzard I used to think you could jump a car the way you jump a bike, by pulling back on the steering wheel.

  6. When this boy meets woooorld…….boy meets wooorld
    travelin down this road that we call liiife…

    1. IsWhatWe’reDoooin’!
      It’s good to know I have friends that will always…
      Stand byyy meeeeee…

  7. I think I saw (and photographed) that Delorean you mentioned that was sold to ‘someone in Australia’. A reviewer buddy of mine who I chatted to at a convention last week mentioned that the owner received the Delorean ‘as a gift’ – but his details were hazy, it could be the same one.

  8. and yet no one asks seth what his future plans are? why must you mess with me!? great episode regardless

  9. I hope while you had Seth on mic, you recorded some bumpers with his sweet dulcet tones. If not, BRING THAT BEAUTIFUL MAN BACK ON.

    1. Yup. Just about to post that.

      Not to mention the fact that Grimm owned one and Seth had a 68-69 Charger.

  10. This proves you guys could talk about anything and I will be entertained. I’m about as clueless as Chris but still loved it. The return of Grimm as well!

    1. also… i need more killian on mah lasertime!
      that part with him singing the animal monster truck song, was great!
      made my day. C:

  11. I have almost zero interest for real cars but somewhat of an interest for romantisized fictional cars and racing like Redline (watch it!), Wipeout, F-Zero and shit like that but this was really fun to listen to. Made me appreciate the car branch of geekines more than I ever thought I would have.
    And it was so great that you adressed the stupid Pixar movies so early on because until then it was all I could think of. Now do an episode about bicycles!

  12. Just finished listening to the episodes, very cool. I would most definitely be behind an automotive podcast hosted by Michael Grimm. Also, I do hope it was the ride I gave Chris and Charlie to that bar after the Glowing Stars show after last year’s E3 that swayed Chris’ opinion about the new Dodge Challengers.

  13. The entire time I was listening to this, all I could picture was Grimm and Seth driving past Brett and Chris in a sweet muscle car and yelling “NEEEEERRRRDDDDSSSSSS!!”

    Great episode, guys.

  14. Dam this show gets better, although i cannot get the picture of Legions member out of my head dag nam it

  15. Yeah you gotta love LaserTime! No talk about the Wacky Racer’s specific cars though? I thought Chris would have brought this one up.

  16. This episode was an amazing mash-up of two of my favorite things… the Laser Time crew and CARS!!

    Big props to Mike Grimm for the Lancia Stratos mention. That’s my dream car, as well. (along with everything else Marcello Gandini designed)

  17. For podcast like this you should really think about doing an enhanced podcast. I hate not being able to see the cars mentioned. It’s a little more work, but it would make the show a lot better. I Am Jet Kirby

  18. So, I’m not sure if I did this right. I had a bunch of stuff already in my Amazon cart and tried to help you guys out by clicking through to there from here and then purchasing my stuff, does that work? Or do I have to click through from here, add stuff to my cart then pay?

  19. Just to make it available to anyone who cares, the ending song “The Golden Age of Video” was done by Ricardo Autobahnand is obviously everywhere on Youtube. Also, why the fuck wasn’t Mask mentioned?

  20. I’m not into cars at all but leave it to you all on LT to make even that funny and interesting :). Oh and just to put in my 2cents, I really enjoyed Brave :).

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