50 thoughts on “Laser Time – Sex or Violence?!

  1. Aw yeahhhhh Lasertime! Thisโ€™ll go great with my planned playing of Ultimate Shpyder-Menn

  2. “….which was seriously his name”
    very enjoyable, laser time keeps getting better by the week.
    any chance of a paranormal episode any time soon? that or a dream
    interpretation episode.

  3. When that Double Dare music kicks in, it’s always a good time and moreso than usual because this particular quizdown was actually coherent!

    And that viking sex was the silliest thing… was it meant to be a parody? “She grabbed the bed with lust, excitement and her hands”

  4. This is one of the BEST Lasertime episodes EVER. This is what I’m gonna use to get friends interested

  5. Hey Anne, you could definitely supplement your income narrating erotic audiobooks…just gotta stifle your giggles! Good show, lady and gents. Greatest intro/outro combo in LaserTime history.

    1. I really tried. It’s too hard when they’re as goofy as that one was. You try saying “he suffered from dick Parkinson’s” without laughing.

  6. Please, LORD! Tell me there is an erotic fanfic in which Kirby refers to his asshole as his “chocolate Starfy”.

  7. Have the questions been posted somewhere on the site? This would be a great game to play with the family on July 4th.

  8. Anne saying “Shut the fuck up, Chris!” needs to be ripped and become a fixture on the soundboard.

  9. Damn that episode went by really fast for me lol it felt like 10 mins. Awsome episode guys. And i second that dream interpretation episode idea. One of the moderators should start a thread and we can all put our weird dreams in there.

  10. Hank is gonna be pissed he missed out on the Star Wars fanfiction. ๐Ÿ™

    Great episode, guys!

  11. I can finally listen to this now that the power’s back on! I thought I was going to die without my Laser Time!

  12. I’m not sure why, but the TMNT commercial break had me, no exaggeration, rolling on my bed laughing hysterically. On the second listen it’s not that funny, but the first time lost it.

  13. Two times in a row that Erotic Fanfiction saves me from a shitty workday. Great Jabba MitchyD! Missed Hank on this one though. Henry and Anne would be the most awkward reading.

  14. My favourite quote of the week goes to Chris:
    ” I want to destroy something beautiful, and by that I mean Elston.” which came straight after Chris screamed “OH THAT IS F***ING BULLSHIT!!”

  15. He entered her like a lottery. I might as well tear out my ears because I don’t know if anything will top that.

  16. That Viking Erotic Fan Fiction Theater was so fucking funny. I had to go everything I could to restrain myself from bursting out laughing on the morning bus.

  17. Great episode, definitely one of my favorites! Erotic fan fiction was much more tolerable this time around, rather than just insurmountably awkward.

    But seriously guys… What the fuck were the two movies you missed in the quiz down? The uncertainty is murdering my soul.

  18. I am loving the erotic fan fic segments! Great addition to an already amazing podcast ๐Ÿ™‚

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